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Professeur ULB - Maître de recherches au F.R.S-F.N.R.S/
Professor ULB - Senior research Associate from the F.R.S.- F.N.R.S.




Unité d'Ecologie Sociale (USE)
ULB CP 231
Campus de la Plaine
bd du Triomphe
B-1050 Bruxelles
Tel: 02.650.57.76
(from abroad +32.2.650.57.76)
Fax: 02.650 59.87
(from abroad +32.2.650.59.87)


thèmes de recherche



self-organisation, emergent behaviour, non-linear dynamical systems in biology, dissipative structure, biological complex systems, collective intelligence in artificial systems.

comportements collectifs, comportements d'agrégation / collective behaviour, aggregation behaviours.

décisions et intellingence collective des sociétés d'insectes/ individual decision-making and collective intelligence in insect societies.

auto-organisation dans les systèmes biologiques/ self-organisation in biological systems.

bioinspiration: sociétés mixtes d'animaux et de robots/ bioinspiration: towards mixed societies of natural and artificial agents.


les 5 publications les plus significatives/
the 5 most significant publications:

  • Canonge S.,  Deneubourg  JL. & Sempo G. (in press) Group living enhances individual resources discrimination: the use of public information by cockroaches to assess shelter quality PLoS ONE

  • Halloy J., Sempo G., Caprari G., Rivault C., Asadpour M., Tâche F., Saïd I., Durier V., Canonge S., Amé J-M., Detrain C., Correll N., Martinoli A., Mondada F., Siegwart R.& Deneubourg J-L. (2007). Social integration of robots into groups of cockroaches to control self-organized choices.Science 318: 1155-1158. (pdf)

  • Amé J.M., Halloy J., Rivault C., Detrain C. & Deneubourg J.L. (2006) Collegial decision making based on social amplification leads to optimal group formation. PNAS 103: 5835-5840.(pdf)

  • Dussutour A, Fourcassie V, Helbing D & Deneubourg JL. (2004) Optimal traffic organization in ants under crowded conditions.Nature 428 (6978):70-3. (pdf)

  • J.L. Deneubourg & S. Goss (1989). Collective patterns and decision-making. Ethology, Ecology & Evolution 1: 295-311.(pdf)

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livres / books:

  • Camazine S., Deneubourg J.L., Franks N., Sneyd J., Bonabeau E. & Theraulaz G.. 2001.Self-Organization in Biological Systems. Princeton University Press.

  • Detrain C., Deneubourg J.L. & Pasteels J.M. 1999.Information processing in social insects. Eds Birkhauser Verlag, Basel, 415 pages.

  • Pasteels J. M., Deneubourg J.L. .1987.From individual to collective behavior in social insects . Birkhäuser Verlag, Boston.