Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)

With regard to its member states, the European Commission has drafted a list of rights and obligations for researchers and their employers, in order to increase mobility and expand methods of best practice in the area of research. These recommendations can be found in the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers.

On the basis of these documents, ULB carried out a diagnostic assessment of its human resource strategy for researchers and then made a proposal for a structured action planpdf centred on five main themes: missions of the University and governance; recruitment; status of research staff and career development; working conditions; internationalisation @ home.

After the plan had been thoroughly and successfully examined by EU assessors, ULB was awarded the EU logo “Human Resources Excellence in Research”.

Implementation of the strategy

Five priorities were set for the first phase of the implementation (academic year 2013-2014):

  • to inform better candidates and new research staff about selection and promotion procedures

  • services to visiting PhD candidates and foreign researchers

  • the development of a coherent transferable skills training programme for researchers, including PhD candidates and new academic staff

  • a reflexion in the long term about researchers' career

  • the concretisation of the ULB strategy on Gender equality

ULB is now implementing the second phase of the action plan, in particular:

  • presentation and evaluation of research

  • selction procedures for non-permanent researchers (definition and information)

  • definition and recognition of tasks of researchers

  • better institutional communication in English

Biennial self-assessments

Institutions acknowledged by the European Commission must undertake a self-assessment every second year, in order to assess the progress of each action.

Read the mid-term self-assessment reportpdf (May 2015).

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