Marie Curie

The Marie Curie programme's objective is to strengthen the human potential for research and technology in Europe by promoting research as a profession, encouraging European researchers to remain in Europe, and attracting researchers from the world over. Special attention is given to training researchers.


  • initial training networks (ITN) for young researchers, professional exchanges between public and private partners to promote knowledge transfer (IAPP) as well as the creation of networks to consolidate collaboration with countries outside the European Union (IRSES). The ULB is active in 7 ITN, 2 IRSES and 1 IAPP.

  • individual bursaries for researchers with at least four years' experience to top up their skills and knowledge or to train in new areas. More specifically, the Marie Curie programme provides intra-European fellowships for researchers to complete their training in another European country; bursaries for researchers to study abroad for two years outside Europe and to return for one year; and bursaries to bring a researcher to Europe from another part of the world so that they may share their knowledge.

ULB takes part in networks:
  • ITN

  • IAPP