ERDF Programming 2014-2020

The ULB is involved in several ERDF-funded research projects in the Brussels-Capital Region, acting as either coordinator or partner:


Totally dedicated to information and communication technologies (ICT), the ICITY-RDI.BRU project brings together the ULB - as coordinator -, the VUB, SIRRIS, Innoviris and the cluster. The research focuses on projects establishing a strong link between ICT and the following sectors: Health and Support Services, Resources and Waste, Sustainable Food and Horeca, Sustainable Construction and Renewables and, last but not least, Media, Creative Sectors and Tourism. The project also involves setting up a Hardware Innovation Lab (HIL) and a research coordination and exploitation (technology transfer) unit.


Driven by the ULB Faculty of Applied Science (Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles), the aim of the BruGeoTherMap project is to exploit the geothermal potential of the Brussels-Capital Region. To accomplish this, the project will rely on a network of partners: apart from the ULB, the VUB, the Geological Survey of Belgium (GSB), Brussels Environment and the CSTC.

Also in Brussels

The ULB is a partner in several other research projects in which the following ULB departments are participating: CEESE (SBS-EM), LoUIsE (IGEAT-Faculty of Science), ATM (ULB Faculty of Applied Science) and the Department of Landscape Ecology and Plant Production Systems (Faculty of Science).