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Biologie du Noyau [Biology of the Nucleus]
Faculté des Sciences / faculty of Sciences - Biologie moléculaire (unité ULB725)

Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) are large protein assemblies that perforate the double membrane of the nuclear envelope (NE). They mediate all trafficking between the nucleus and the cytoplasm of interphase cells and are composed of a set of different proteins, known as nucleoporins. Nucleoporins frequently have additional functions in, for example, chromatin organisation, transcription and cell cycle progression, which are mainly independent of nuclear transport. Therefore, nucleoporins are key players in overall nuclear organisation and intact nuclear organisation is critical for normal cell function. Alterations in nuclear organisation in turn are, for example, hallmarks of cancer cells. Our aim is to understand the role of certain nucleoporins in cell cycle regulation and tumour development. [Apoptosis is a form of programmed cell death that is crucial for the development and maintenance of multicellular organisms typical for higher organisms. Cell death programs also exist in lower eukaryotes and the yeast S. cerevisiae has become a popular model system to study apoptotic signalling. Evolutionarily conserved orthologues of caspases and other key apoptosis regulators have been identified in yeast, and while many of those are mitochondrial or cytoplasmic proteins in mammals, their yeast orthologues are found in the nucleus. Our goal is to understand the particular role of the nucleus in yeast apoptotic signalling.]

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Biologie du Noyau [Biology of the Nucleus]
tel +32-2-650.99.51/97.93, fax +32-2-650.99.50,
Campus de Charleroi - Gosselies (Biopark), IBMM- Campus de Gosselies- bâtiment A - 4ème étage EST (A.E.4.108)
CP300, rue des Professeurs Jeener et Brachet 12, 6041 Charleroi (Gosselies)

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Jürg Schwaller,, University Hospital Basel,, Basel, Suisse

Roland Foisner, Austria, Medical University Vienna, Vienna, Autriche

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Mammalian tissue cell culture - genetic engineering: gene cloning, PCR, qRT-PCR, DNA sequencing, site-directed mutagenesis, DNA electrophoresis - biochemistry: SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, in vitro transcription/translation, protein purification, co-immnuoprecipitation, protein-protein interaction assays - immunofluorescence microscopy - confocal microscopy - electron microscopy - live cell imaging- FACS - yeast cell culture - classical yeast genetics - apoptosis assays - proliferation assays

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apoptose biologie microscopie noyau pore nucléaire

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Acides nucléiques, synthèse des protéines Cytologie, oncologie, cancérologie Histologie, cytochimie, histochimie, culture de tissus Protéines, enzymologie