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Mediating modern design in Belgium - Pierre-Louis Flouquet (1900-1967),critic, editor and publisher (1922-1967).

[From 1932 to 1967, Pierre-Louis Flouquet was a key figure of the architectural and design debate in Belgium. Although not an architect but a poet and painter, he is the writer of several thousands articles and the founder and editor of seven magazines as well as the author of several books. His work has been used as source for research on many distinct subjects, but despite of his substantial production, his contribution to the design debate has hardly had any thorough critical attention. We believe that the quality of his substantial body of work is a fundamental source for the historiography of Belgian architecture and design, but also for the general knowledge of the Modern Movement, and particularly the medias role in diffusing its ideas. On the basis of his considerable publications as well as his archives, this PhD intends to analyse the entire production of this multidisciplinary personality. The aim is to give an understanding of the role of his contribution to the debate of the Modern Movement on a local scale, as well as its diffusion and reception by a broad audience. ]


Irene LUND



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