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Yannick ALLARD


Faculté des Sciences
Yannick ALLARD
tel 02 650 28 28(02 629 32 31), fax 02 629 38 16,
Campus de la Plaine
CP230, boulevard du Triomphe, 1050 Bruxelles

unités de recherche

Parallel Architectures for real-Time Systems [Parallel Architectures for Real-Time Systems] (PARTS)


Services matériels pour des systèmes multi processeur temps réel [Hardware services for MPSoC with real-time operating systems]
Services matériels pour des systèmes multi processeur temps réel [In recent years we have witnessed a paradigm shift in computer systems. Increasing the frequency has given way to multi-core architectures exploiting the parallelism. In the field of embedded systems, such a vision is seen in the form of Multi-Processor System-on-Chip - MPSoC. The advantages of such a platform in comparison with a uni-processor one are multiples in several domains like power consumption, scalability and reusability. In the same time, a lot of existing systems need Real Time Operating Systems not only to guarantee a given treatment capacity but also to guarantee a deadline for multiple tasks. To break with the sub-optimality of the actual philosophy consisting to see the design of software and hardware as two worlds apart, the aim of this thesis is, through a co-design methodology, to design a configurable MPSoC environment with services tailored directly for high level real-time scheduling algorithms.]

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co-design multi-processor system-on-chip temps réel