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Workshops and meetings on PhD supervision

ULB has been organising since 2014, in cooperation with ULg and VUB, workshops and meetings on PhD supervision.

The programme includes:

Advanced Workshop on PhD supervision

The Advanced Workshop is designed for academics who are supervising/have already supervised at least one PhD candidate.


Supervisors are all experts in many aspects related to PhD supervision. The workshop does not start from scratch. It focuses on concrete cases and on collecting, exchanging and reflecting on good practices: regular monitoring and communication with candidates, clarity about expectations, team supervision, supervising international PhD candidates... Tools are presented and explored.

The results of the workshop are direct value for both supervisors and PhD candidates.

Next session

The next workshop session is not planed yet.

Last workshop session: 26 October, 7 November, 23 November, 5 December and 7 December 2017


Registration is not open yet

Round tables on PhD supervision


This year, the round table will be organised in cooperation with VUB.

Coordination of research projects, recruitment of a brilliant Master's student whose dissertation you have supervised, participation in an international doctoral programme... Every supervisor has regularly to select PhD candidates.

The round table will reflect on good practices regarding selection of PhD candidates.

Four supervisors will share their experience on the topic. Then, the discussion will be open to the audience. Here is a non-exhaustive list of questions that will be discussed:

  • what should be good selection criteria?

  • Should we apply the same criteria to all applicants? (applicant holding a Master Degree from ULB/VUB, international applicant...)

  • Who should be involved in the selection procedure?

  • Which steps should be followed in the selection procedure of a PhD candidate?

  • What should be done in case of doubts?

  • ...

The round table will be followed by a co-creation session (2-3.30pm), during which participants, on a voluntary basis, will establish a checklist for supervisors about the selection of PhD candidates. The list will be based on the conclusions of the round table and on their own experience. This checklist will then be made available to all VUB and ULB supervisors.

Language: the round table will be held in English.


  • Axel Cleeremans, ULB - Neurosciences, Faculty of Psychology and Education

  • Steffen Ducheyne, VUB – Arts and humanities Department

  • Heidi Ottevaere, VUB – Engineering Department

  • Frédérik Ponjaert and Ulla Härmäla, ULB - European Studies Institute

  • Bibiane Fréché, ULB - Postgraduate Office (moderator)

Next session

The round table will be organised on Monday 28 May 2018, noon-2pm (Etterbeek Campus, VUB, building E, room E.0.12).

The co-creation session will follow the round table (2pm-3.30pm, room E.0.10).

Number of participants

Round table: max. 50 participants.

Co-creation session: max. 15 participants.

Should applications exceed places, the following criteria will apply: 1) balanced representation of ULB-VUB supervisors, 2) first-come, first-served basis.


Please, fill in the registration form.

Former sessions

  • Encadrer des doctorants internationaux: enjeux et bonnes pratiques, ULB, June 2016, in French

  • Quelles bonnes pratiques de sélection des doctorants?, ULg, January 2016, in French

Intervision sessions

In the last years, several pilot-groups have experimented the intervision technique. Their feedback was extremely positive and enthusiastic. For this reason, it was decided to open intervision sessions to all ULB and VUB supervisors.

Intervision is a collegiate support, by exchanging on professional experiences and reflecting on professional practice, in a group of equals (no hierarchy – strict confidentiality). In particular, participants, within a pre-determined process, formulate advises and solutions to a concrete case presented by a colleague (for instance, thesis supervision issue or preparation of the supervisory committee annual meeting), in a spirit of cooperation and peer support. The analysis and advises are of interest for all the participants. A facilitator guides the participants through all steps of the process.

Next sessions

  • Tuesday 24 April 2018, noon-2pm, in English, Erasme Campus (ULB), building A, room 3211 (Kyoto)

  • Session cancelled Thursday 26 April 2018, noon-2pm, in English, Etterbeek Campus (VUB), room D2.18

  • Thursday 3 May 2018, noon-2pm, in French, Solbosch Campus (ULB), S building, room S9.123 (9th floor)

Facilitator: Bibiane Fréché, ULB - Postgraduate Office

Number of participants

Min. 6 participants and max. 10 participants/session.


Registration form (deadline: 17 April 2018)

Should applications exceed places, the following criteria will apply: 1) balanced representation of ULB-VUB supervisors, 2) first-come, first-served basis.

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