Do I pay social security contributions if I obtain a grant?

Yes, you will be covered by social security as follow.

EU Citizens and citizens from countries that have a bilateral social security agreement with Belgium: social security coverage including medical insurance, unemployment benefit, retirement pension, maternity leave and child benefit.

Non-EU Citizens from countries that have no bilateral social security agreement with Belgium: social security coverage including medical insurance, maternity leave and child benefit.

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Specialist employment opportunities

Job offers for people with a doctorate can be found on specialized websites:

For help with your job search, please do not hesitate to contact:

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PhD thesis - Université libre de Bruxelles
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Funding your PhD at the ULB

There are several ways of funding your PhD, and access to each of them is highly competitive. It is important to take the time to compile your funding application properly. Your thesis thesis supervisor can help you identify the best source of funding for your particular circumstances, and help you with your application.

You will find below indicative and general information regarding funding. Numerous funding opportunities are available and can be found in the list of links to the right.

You need funding to cover:

Funding your PhD

Four types of funding are available.

Assistant contracts (a 6 year employment contract)

As an assistant, you combine part-time doctoral research with part-time teaching. New posts are available at the ULB every year. More information is available from your Faculty secretariat.

Check also the list of academic and scientific job vacancies.

Research grant (4 year PhD grant)

To obtain a research grant, you need to send your application to the funding organisation or to the ULB, depending of the funding. The deadlines and schedules vary from one organisation to another.

Information regarding CSC scholarships for Chinese students:

CSC PhD scholarship for Chinese students: joint supervision/full PhD at ULB

Research projects (4 year PhD grant)

You are taken on as a PhD student within the framework of a research project such as an ARC or ERC.

Either you respond to a job advert or you may be contacted by the research project leader.

Private funding

Depending on the field, it may be possible to obtain a grant or PhD contract funded by a company or private fund. You should discuss these options with your supervisor.

Research carried out abroad

You have completed your masters at the ULB:

You have not completed your masters at the ULB:

Funding the end of your PhD

You may apply for the following sources of funding to cover the final months you spend working on your thesis.

De Meurs-François and Van Buuren Funds are specifically designed for PhD candidates whose funding is over and who are in a precarious financial situation.