How much does it cost to study for a PhD?

You pay the full enrolment fees when you first enrol for your PhD. In each subsequent year, the only fees you pay are the registration and administrative fees. No extra fees are charged for the doctoral training programme if you have already paid your full enrolment fees.

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Are there any additional course fees for the doctoral training programme?

No extra fees are charged for the doctoral training programme if you have already paid your course fees.

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To whom do I pay my course fees if I am studying for my PhD under joint supervision?

When studying under joint supervision, if you wish to be awarded a ULB degree you need to pay your course fees in full during the first year of your PhD.

There are several options where course fees owed to a partner institution are concerned: you only need to pay administration fees to the partner institution; you need to pay the partner institution the full fees at least once; or you need to pay adapted course fees to cover the period spent at the partner university.

If your joint supervision involves another university within the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the full enrolment fees are to be paid only once, at one of the partner universities.

For further information, take a look at the information on joint supervision theses.

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How do I re-enrol for the PhD?

Please visit the re-enrolment page.

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Enrolling for your PhD

In order to enrol for a PhD, you need to meet several access criteria.

The enrolment process can take some time, so it is important that you begin the admissions procedure well before the closing date!

To enrol for your PhD for the first time, you must complete an online first time registration form. Which form you need to complete will depend on your nationality:

If you are enrolling for joint supervision, you must enrol at each of the two universities where your PhD will be supervised. You will also be required to complete additional steps and to obtain a joint supervision agreement signed by each university.

Admission/enrolment: check list

These steps may be completed in parallel.