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List of the illusions (alphabetical order)  |  Structure of the theory files

Structure of the theory files

Ambiguous figures
Figure-Fond segregation Boring, Duck-Rabbit, rat-man, Rubin
Geometrical figures Necker, Schröder
Size constancy Ponzo, Titchener
Illusion of angle Hering, Müller-Lyer, Poggendorf, Wundt, Zöllner
in Art Escher
Illusory contours Kanizsa
Consecutive effects After-image
The shadow and its interpretation Shadow
Human Eye  
Organization of the perceptual field An inky dog
Color perception Color contrast
Perception of distance: 1. Static monocular cues Visual cliff
Perception of distance: 2. Dynamical monocular cues  
Perception of distance: 3. Binocular cues Anaglyphs, Stereograms
Contrast phenomenon Herman, Mach

List of the illusions (alphabetical order)  |  Structure of the theory files

List of the illusions (alphabetical order)

Anaglyphs 3-D Pictures Perception of : 3. Binocular cues
After-image Retinal persistence Consecutive effects
Boring The old young lady Ambiguous figures
Rabbit-Duck   Ambiguous figures
Inky dog Some spots that forms a dog Organisation du champ perceptif
Colors Color contrast Perception of colors,
contrast phenomenon
Escher The Waterfall Paradoxes
Visual Cliff   Perception of distance: 1. static monocular cues
Hering Parallels? Illusion of angle
Herman The grid Contrast phenomenon
Ratman   Ambiguous figures
Kanizsa Good continuation - illusory triangle illusory contours
Mach Bands contrast phenomenon
Müller-Lyer The arrows Illusion of angle
Necker The cube Ambiguous figures
Shadow The shadow as an indication of relief The interpretation of shadows
Poggendorf The broken line Illusion of angle
Ponzo The twins Size constancy
Rubin The vase or the two faces Ambiguous figures
Shröder The staircase Ambiguous figures
Stereograms 3-D pictures Perception of distance: 3. binocular cues
Titchener The circles Size constancy
Wundt Parallels? Illusion of angle
Zöllner Parallels? Illusion of angle

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