Perception and Cognition Museum


This site proposes an introduction to some domains of Experimental Psychology in a dynamical and interactive way. The site is splitted into three sections. A first Section present perceptual processes through optical illusions; a second Section covers some of the classical paradigms in Experimental Psychology (Java-based experiments are made available to you to try; Stroop, Garner, Sperling tasks among others); a last Section make available a set of links tos other resources related to Experimental Psychology or Psychology available elsewhere on the net.

The website was officially opened in September 1998. It is however still under developement. These English pages were created to serve as illustration of a paper on JavaScript's use to increase interactivity in Web-based presentations (Lange, 1999). The JavaScript section only exists in the English website and propose illustrations and Explanations of JavaScripts that can be used for educational materials and serves as BRMIC paper website companion. The rest of the English website is organized as an exact copy of the French website with introductory and representative documents translated in English. It is important to mention that this version is not meant to be coherent and complete website. Its purpose is rather to present an illustrative portion of the French website. Links to documents that does not exist in English points to the French version of the document. For your convenience, an indication of the language of the target document has been added to most of the links. Because we do not plan to pursue the translation work, neither to reflect in these pages updates or changes made in the official (French) website. Because of this, we encourage you to switch to the French version once you are familiar with the navigation and structure of the site.