Specialized Master degree in Hospital Pharmacy

MS-PHAPorganized by the faculty of Pharmacy during academic year 2017-2018

This programme is taught in French.

Job opportunities and intended professions

Graduates receive the accreditation as hospital pharmacist.


Programme objectives

The goal of the Advanced Master Degree in Hospital Pharmacy is to provide the students with the knowledge, the skills and the know-how enabling him to cope with the various problems likely to occur in the pharmacy of a hospital. The program teaches the pharmacist how to purchase, how to store, how to deliver, how to prepare drugs within the specific context of a hospital, in order to reach the best quality of care with the most efficient use of available resources. The program also trains the students to achieve the more specific goals imposed by the law in order to optimize the use of drugs in a hospital (clinical pharmacy and clinical care, quality insurance, therapeutilcal forms, pharmacovigilance, information, recommendations, applied research).

The program has been modified according to the recommendations of the European Advisory Committee on post-graduate studies in pharmacy. According to the Ministerial Decree of June 11 2003 (published in the Belgian Official Journal of July 8 2003) modified by the Ministerial Decree of October 22, 2012 (Belgian Official Journal of December 3, 2012), the degree is required to get an accreditation as a hospital pharmacist.


Benefits of the ULB training

The Advanced Master Degree in Hospital Pharmacy is a 3 parts of program jointly managed by the Unievrsité libre de Bruxelles and the University of Liège. The program has been extensively modified and fully abides to the new regulations of the Ministerial Decree of October 22 2012 and the degree is required in order to get the accreditation as a hospital pharmacist. The program is rather wide and includes major aspects of clinical pharmacy as well as major concepts of pharmaceutical care.

Inside the country, the university has developed a network of general hospitals at various locations in the French-speaking part of Belgium.

Outside the country the university has developed international collaborations in hospital pharmacy (Switzerland, Canada).

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Teaching methods

Ex cathedra courses, tutorials of problem based learning



The Université libre de Bruxelles has developed collboration with the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and the University of Montreal (Canada).

Hospitals which are members of the network of the institutions collaborating with the Université libre de Bruxelles.


Progression per curriculum unit

The concept of a year of studies gives way to a system of accumulation of credits based on the student's individual programme. The cycle programme is offered in units of 60 credits. The units of 60 credits are proposed as an "ideal" course of study for students enrolled in this programme.



ULB main coordinator: Mr. Jean-Paul DEHAYE ULB - Faculty of Pharmacy Boulevard du Triomphe 1050 Brussels jdehaye@ulb.ac.be

ULg main coordinator: Mr. Thierry VAN HEES Department of Pharmacy - Avenue de l'Hôpital, 1 - Tour de Pathologie 2 (Bât. B36 - Pharmacie) - CHU du Sart Tilman - Niveau 0 - 4000 Liège Tél. : 04/366 71 42 tvanhees@ulg.ac.be

Bruxelles : Campus de la Plaine - Campus Erasme

Liège : Campus du Sart-Tilman

Where taught

The academic part of the programme is taught either at the School of Public Health of the Université libre de Bruxelles (Campus Erasme) or at the School of Pharmacy of the University of Liège (Campus Sart-Tilman).

The practical part of the cursus is taught within the hospital under the supervision of a hospital pharmacist approved as a supervisor by the Ministry of Public Health.


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