Specialized Master degree in Industrial Pharmacy

MS-PHAIorganized by the faculty of Pharmacy during academic year 2017-2018

This programme is taught in French.

Job opportunities and intended professions

Work as pharmacist in a professional environment requiring skills in the field of pharmacy industry.

The diploma certificate is obtained after 1 part. The title of qualified person is given after 6 months of work training in a pharmaceutical industry.

Students who want to upgrade their experience in a pharmaceutical industry and who didn't obtain 70 % in the last year of their pharmacist degree may present a registration form if they have at least a 5 years' experience in a pharmaceutical industry.

- Pharmacist working in a position of responsibility in a pharmaceutical company.

- Qualified person in the pharmaceutical industry.

- Public Service Agent (FPS Public Health).


Programme objectives

The Advanced Master degree in Industrial Pharmacy gives the student all theoretical and practical knowledge to work in the following fields: production, drug quality control and analysis and in the drug approval process, marketing and pharmacovigilance. This programme comprises theory and practical work in a field chosen by the student (pharmaceutical industry or other bodies or laboratories where the skills of a pharmacist are needed).

The Advanced master degree in Industrial Pharmacy leads to acquire the qualified person status (law of the 14th December 2006 on medicinal products for human and veterinary use, Article 84). For this official recognition by the Federal Public Service of Public Health, pharmacists or diploma holders with equivalent skills should complete the training of the specialization master with practical experience of 6 months in one or more enterprise (s) holder(s) of an industrial drug manufacturing authorization as provided by the law ofDecember 14, 2006.


Structure of curriculum and disciplines taught

To provide students with both theoretical and practical comprehensive training that allows him to work in the pharmaceutical industry or any other similar professional environment or jobs for which a qualification of the same type is requested.


Benefits of the ULB training

The programme is build and implemented with pharmacists working in pharmaceutical industries.

Courses are given in the three universities of the French Community that are collaborating in the degree (ULB, UCL, ULg). The final diploma certificate mentions that the student has followed an interuniversitary programme and that he receives Advanced Master degree in Industrial Pharmacy.

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Teaching methods

The lessons are divided into modules.

The methods used are both theoretical and practical.

Students will attend lectures given by teachers from the partner universities as well as professionals from the pharmaceutical industry or the Federal Public Service of Public Health. Mandatory related activities are organized: visits to companies or laboratories and exercises.

Students will complete an internship in a company, laboratory or a public body whose activities are related to drugs and legislation. It will prepare a report on the activities carried out during the course. This report will be presented to a jury composed of three scientists from each of the partner universities.



Possibility of internship in foreign countries.


Progression per curriculum unit

The concept of a year of studies gives way to a system of accumulation of credits based on the student's individual programme. The cycle programme is offered in units of 60 credits. The units of 60 credits are proposed as an "ideal" course of study for students enrolled in this programme.



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