Ecole polytechnique strongly encourages students to participate in a mobility program. Agreements have been signed to allow international students to do part of their studies in our university.

There are two types of mobility programs :
  • double degree programs :
    the student gets a degree from his home institution in addition to the degree from ULB (graduating programs)
  • exchange programs (or substitution) :
    scores obtained at ULB are taken into account only for the degree at the home institution (non graduating programs)
Attention :
These pages are only for students wishing to come to Ecole polytechnique at ULB in the context of international mobility agreements (these students remain enrolled at their home institution).

Students wishing to enroll at ULB outside of an exchange program ('regular' students) are not concerned by the information below and must directly apply to the Service des Inscriptions.

Exchange Programs
List of the partner institutions.
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Double Degree Programs
List of the partner institutions.
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Administrative Paperwork and Deadlines

Paperwork and deadlines for submitting applications are detailed in a brochure published by the Service de Mobilité Etudiante. This brochure also contains useful information for foreign students wishing to come to ULB.

Registration - Enrollment

A student participating in a mobility program is enrolled as a regular student at his home institution where he pays his fees. No additional fee has to be paid at ULB.

Academic Recognition

For all programs listed below, courses followed successfully at ULB and part of a program accepted by the home institution are recognized by this institution. The test scores are forwarded by ULB to the home institution for the validation of the corresponding year of study.

Administrative Paperwork and Deadlines
The web site of the "Service de Mobilité Etudiante" gives all relevant administrative information about the paperwork and deadlines.
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Guidelines to choose the Courses
The choice of courses to be taken at ULB must meet some rules and guidelines.
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