University and society

ULB against sexism and harassment at university

Some months ago, ULB launched a reflection process on the problem of sexism and sexual harassment at university. It has now resulted in a project for action and awareness, along with a website. The project's goal is to fight all forms of sexism and harassment within ULB, whether the victims are men or women, straight or LGBTI+, students or academic, teaching, or research staff. It has 5 main components:

- Raise awareness of various forms of sexism and harassment—based on sexual orientation, social status, etc. - through a campaign on campus, featuring 15 posters that have already been displayed in a number of areas;

- Remove obstacles that could prevent victims from speaking out and finding help;

- Improve the support offered to victims and witnesses by designating contacts in each faculty;

- Reinforce the existing statutory and disciplinary framework. To this end, on November 13, ULB's Board of Governors approved proposed amendments to disciplinary regulations on discriminatory behaviour; this protects not only members of the university community, but also any person taking part in an activity organised by ULB as well as any visitor or external partner;

- Take stock of the perception and prevalence of sexism and sexual violence at ULB.