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The Université libre de Bruxelles is not just research and teaching closely intertwined. If proof was needed, the selection of articles in this issue should suffice to convince you.

The ULB is:

- a forum for reflection and exchange, with a better insertion of the human sciences in the management of societal problems (see article on the Maison des Sciences Humaines).

- the acknowledged seat of high quality research (see the article on the work resulting from collaboration between the ULB's Laboratory of Cancer Epigenetics and the ULB-Cancer Research Centre (U-CRC) and of research supported by the European Research Council (see the DEMIURGE project and the work of the ULB Neuroscience Institute).

- a place for intervention at international level, whether by speaking out (see the motion in favour of academics and researchers in Turkey, and the 11 privileged partners strategy) or by taking action (see the initiative to fund 10 postdoctoral fellowships for refugees and the three healthcare projects in Greece).

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter !

Anne Lentiez, Director, External Relations Department


The ULB offers 10 postdoctoral fellowships to researchers with refugee status

In order to support the refugees who have been flocking to Europe these past months, the ULB has decided to take action within its own domains, research and teaching, by offering 10 postdoctoral fellowships for researchers with refugee status.

Opening of the "Maison des Sciences humaines"

The ULB has opened its "Maison des Sciences humaines" (House of Human sciences), an inter-faculty structure to host and support research in human and social sciences.


The "Urgences Grèce" Campaign

Médecins du Monde and several hospitals linked to the ULB have launched the "Urgences Grèce" campaign, under the auspices of the ULB's Faculty of Medicine, in favour of the right to healthcare in Greece.

The ULB's "privileged partners"

The ULB has chosen to select 10 privileged partners from among the hundreds of partnership agreements signed with universities around the world. What is a privileged partnership ?

The ULB offers its support to Turkish academics and researchers

The ULB offers its support to the Turkish academics and researchers who signed the 10 January petition. Freedom of research and of expression is indissociable from academic activities. Every University worthy of the name must respect it !


ERC to Mauro Birattari

Mauro Birattari, researcher in the IRIDIA laboratory (Brussels School of Engineering), has recently been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council to develop an automatic design of intelligent robots.

Obeying orders

Researchers from the ULB Neuroscience Institute have investigated the mechanisms at work in a context of coercion and how people feel when they receive orders. Their study has recently been published in the journal Current Biology.

The RNA alphabet

Led by François Fuks from the ULB's Laboratory of Cancer Epigenetics and the ULB-Cancer Research Centre (U-CRC), researchers have revealed, for the first time, the role played by one of the RNA letters...