Les relations internationales de l'ULB
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Enrolment as Visiting Researcher

Visiting Researcher status is reserved for internationally mobile researchers who have at least a Masters degree and who would like to carry out research at the Université libre de Bruxelles.

In order to benefit from Visiting Researcher status, you need to obtain an invitation from a Professor at ULB, who will serve as your research supervisor.

Enrolment as Visiting Researcher enables you to access ULB libraries and online databases and to be insured on campus.

Interns, Bachelors and Masters students cannot benefit from Visiting Researcher status.
Proof of enrolment as Visiting Researcher will not enable you to obtain a long stay visa for Belgium.

Enrolment procedure


Complete the online form


Print the form


Get the printed form signed by your supervisor and the faculty


Send :

  • The signed form

  • A "bon vert" to the value of 32 euros (mentioning internal account n° 4.ROO.Y.000231) OR a bank statement confirming payment of 32 euros

  • A photocopy of your identity card or passport

To : International Welcome Desk

CP. 131/2, Avenue F. D. Roosevelt, 50 1050 Bruxelles

A letter confirming your enrolment as visiting researcher will be sent to the home address indicated on your application form (if this is in Belgium) or to your ULB supervisor.

General Information

  • Your enrolment as Visiting Researcher is valid for one academic year.

  • During your stay at ULB, you are covered by liability insurance and work accident insurance on the ULB campuses.

  • Visiting Researcher status can only be granted up to the age of 65.

  • Visiting Researcher status cannot be granted to Bachelor or Master students, or interns.

  • The enrolment fee is 32 euros per academic year. If your stay at ULB extends beyond 15 September, you will need to register and pay again.

  • It is possible to register as Visiting Researcher at any point in the academic year.

  • The fee of 32 euros must be paid to the International Welcome Desk via a "bon vert" (internal ULB payment system) or by bank transfer.

Research Supervisor

Before you can register as a Visiting Researcher, you first need to identify a research supervisor at ULB who agrees to supervise your work.

You can find a potential supervisor :

  • Via ULB’s research inventory

  • By checking the website of the Faculty or research centre in which you would like to carry out your research.

  • By consulting their publications via the ULB libraries, the institutional repositories or the web sites of scientific journals in your field.

Please note that ULB academic staff are under no obligation to agree to supervise your research.