Europe Day

© J Jottard

ULB is anxious to highlight its commitment to Europe and does not spare its efforts to encourage and facilitate mobility of its students and teachers/researchers and to offer quality hosting – one of the priority aims of the Rector of ULB – to Erasmus students and European researchers.

To this end in 2007 the University launched Europe Day, which above all seeks:

  • To make students aware of the importance of Erasmus trips and to inform them about European Masters courses

  • To offer institutional hosting to European students and researchers at ULB, and particularly for Erasmus exchanges

  • To present what ULB offers in hosting of foreign researchers

  • To highlight ULB’s participation in the main European research programmes

  • To inform ULB researchers of the possibilities of European financing.

Thus each year since 2007 ULB has marked its deep commitment to Europe by organising Europe Day, a great opportunity to get informed about exchange programmes, present the research carried out at ULB within the European framework, as well as the joint Masters courses, and highlight our partnerships with the universities of the European Union.