Les relations internationales de l'ULB
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6 reasons for choosing ULB

Study and research



ULB, at the heart of Europe

Capital of Europe, place of unparalleled cultural, social and economic intermingling, Brussels is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is home to the offices of the European Union and NATO and innumerable multinational companies, and is also at the heart of Belgium’s economic, political and cultural life.

It was no chance act that in 1963 ULB created an Institute of European Studies, which today enjoys a worldwide reputation, and which is dedicated to teaching and researching the economic, legal, political, historical and cultural aspects of Europe. .

An international business forum, each year Brussels hosts over one thousand conferences and almost two thousand foreign companies; one thousand international bodies are located in the Greater Brussels area. .

Cultural capital, Brussels is also famed for the richness of its heritage. .

Less than two hours from Paris, London and Amsterdam, Brussels is also ideally located as a starting point for discovering other historic European cities.