Les relations internationales de l'ULB
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6 reasons for choosing ULB

Study and research



Quality research and teaching

Three Nobel Prizes (Jules Bordet, Albert Claude and Ilya Prigogine), a Fields Medal (the equivalent of a Nobel Prize in mathematics – Pierre Deligne), three Wolf Prizes, two Marie Curie Prizes and 22 Francqui Prizes (the “Belgian” Nobel Prizes) are proofs of the quality and excellence of the research at ULB. No other university in Belgium has so many prize winners.

The University pas a great deal of attention to the quality of its teaching, which is solidly tied to its research.

Anxious to provide its students with a solid, basic education and an initiation to research and the critical approach, the university is also aware that it must meet the new requirements of society and of science by being innovative, with what it offers suited to new audiences. Courses with after-hours timetables, intended in particular for working adults (such as business management, euromarketing etc) run alongside more traditional syllabuses and those more involved in state of the art research (biocomputing, international politics and public economics).

Since 2007 ULB has had a Quality policy that applies to all its missions and that is part of its policy of continuous improvement.

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