Faculty of Sciences – PhD thesis: from submission to graduation

Object of the procedure

This page explains the procedure from the thesis submission to the delivery of the diploma. The thesis submission is not possible until the doctoral training is validatedpdf.


All deadlines are suspended between July 15 and August 15 – no thesis submission during that period.

I. One month minimum and two months maximum before the date of the private defence, the PhD student files his/her thesis with the student secretariat, along with the following documents:

> An electronic copy of the thesis send by e-mail to Hanan Amrani.
> A 30-line abstract in French, even if the thesis is written in another language
> A letter addressed to the Dean announcing the submission

II. In the name of the Dean, the student secretariat sends a letter to the President of the Doctoral Commission and to the Chairman of the Support Committee, announcing the thesis submission and asking for a Jury to be formed.

III. Once the Jury is formed, the PhD student must provide each member with a copy of his/her thesis.

IV. The student secretariat sends an e-mail to the PhD student with the practical information to submit his/her thesis in DI-fusion. The Di-fusion submission is MANDATORY for the Rector to sign the diploma.

V. At least 3 weeks before the public defence, the PhD student sends the form for the thesis defencepdf, completed and signed by the Secretary of the Jury, to the student secretariat.

The PhD student must have submitted all the documents and be registered at ULB.

VI. Three weeks before the public defence, the student secretariat sends the announcement of the public defence

VII.The student secretariat edits the documents necessary for the public defence

VIII. The student secretariat sends all the documents necessary for the public defence to the Secretary of the Jury.

IX. The Secretary of the Jury sends back those documents completed and signed with the defence report.

X. The student secretariat sends the proclamation sheet to the Registration Office.

XI. The student secretariat approves the Di-fusion submission and convene the doctor as soon as the diploma is signed by the Rector.




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