Faculty of Sciences

First registration to a PhD program

All students, whether they graduated from ULB or not, wishing to undertake a PhD program must fulfill an admission file. The information about the procedure is available on the Registration Department web site:

The candidates must add to their admission file the following documents:

  • the doctoral training formword, prepared by the Support Committee

  • a copy of the PhD Charterpdf signed by the student, the thesis supervisor and the President of the Supervisory Committee.


The Supervisory committee must be nominated along with the first registration by the Doctoral Commission. It is composed by the thesis supervisor and at least two academics of a university.

The EU citizens students have to submit their file to the Secrétariat Etudiants of the Faculty and the non EU citizens students to the Registration Department.

Re-registration to a PhD program

Each academic year, students must be registered to the PhD program and to the doctoral training (if it has not been validated). Re-registrations are submitted to the agreement of the Dean of the Faculty, based on the appreciation of the Support Committee and Doctoral Commission to which the PhD student belongs.

The completed formpdf (soon available in English) must be signed by the thesis supervisor and the President of the Commission. As long as the doctoral training is not validated, the thesis supervisor and the Support Committee must complete and sign the doctoral training annual activity reportword.

For each re-registration, the PhD student fills his/her doctoral training annual activity reportword. The Support Committee defines the ECTS weight of those activities (an indicative list is available in the appendix 2 of the PhD Regulationspdf). When the members of the Support Committee estimate that the activities have reached a total of 60 ECTS, they or the PhD student may ask for the validation of the doctoral trainingpdf. Attention, this procedure is not automatic: a specific form must be completed and signed by the President and the Secretary of the Doctoral Commission, then sent to the faculty secretariat BEFORE the thesis can be submitted.

All those documents have to be sent to the President of the Commission which will sign the file for approval. He/she will send the whole file duly filled in and signed to the faculty’s secretariat by postmail or internal mail before October 15th (ULB, Faculté des Sciences - CP 260, Boulevard du Triomphe, 1050 Bruxelles)

After a final check, the faculty’s secretariat will send the file to the Registration Office for final validation. Re-registrations that do not come through the Faculty secretariat will not be allowed.

Once your file is treated, you will receive an email (on your @ulb.ac.be address only) from the registration service inviting you to complete your registration on the MonULB portal (confirmation of the registration and payment of the fees).


According to the new PhD Regulationspdf, effective from the academic year 2013-2014 (at. 11), if the doctoral candidate fails to re-enrol within the stated timeframe, then they are considered to have abandoned their thesis and must begin the full admissions procedure again, including payment of full enrolment fees.



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