Genetic and paleoecological signatures of African rainforest dynamics:

Pre-adapted to change?


AFRIFORD events in 2014
  • March 2014: 1st Kick-off AFRIFORD meeting with all partners at the Belspo office.

  • June 2014: Participation of Olivier Hardy (ULB) to the “1st International Conference on Biodiversity in the Congo Basin” in Kisangani (RDC). Discussion with two members of the follow-up committee: Corneille Ewango and Baudoin Michel.

  • July 2014: Dr Jérémy Migliore, new post-doctoral researcher for AFRIFORD at ULB (phylogeograhy, genomics and AFRIFORD coordination).

  • September 2014: Meeting between ULB (Olivier Hardy, Gilles Dauby) and ULg (Louis François) to define synergies on species distribution modeling between AFRIFORD and the new project RAINBIO.

  • September 2014: Brief presentation of AFRIFORD and BIOSERF projects by Olivier Hardy and Alain Hambuckers at an annual meeting of the EU project FCCC “Forêts et Changement Climatique au Congo”.

  • November 2014: 2nd AFRIFORD meeting with all partners in the ULB.

Annual meetings in 2014

1st AFRIFORD MEETING: 26/03/2014, BELSPO office, Brussels:

  • Beeckman H. et al. – Wood biology, cells, growth, diversity. Sustainable production of forest goods and services.

  • Colombaroli D. De Ridder M., Toirambe B., Saurer M., Cherubini P. and Beeckman H. – Potential of stable isotopes in tropical tree rings.

  • De Ridder M.., Toirambe B., Van den Bulcke J., Van Acker J. and Beeckman H. – Using dendrochronology to its full potential in a semi-deciduous rainforest; common problems and new possibilities? The case of Pericopsis elata in Central Africa.

  • Dury M. et al. – Regional climate modelling MAR vs CRU.

  • Fettweis X. et al. – Regional climate modelling with the MAR model.

  • Hambuckers A.., Dury M. and François L. – Some modelling results for species occurring in Congo Basin.

  • Hardy O. Daïnou K., Duminil J. and Heuertz M. – Estimation of seed pollen dispersal distances in tropical tree species using genetic markers.

  • Lézine A.-M. and Lemonnier K. – Pollen, environment and climate in Central Atlantic Africa since 90 ka.

  • Turcq B. Desjardins T., Mandeng Yogo M., Nguetnkam J.P., Cetin F., Achoundong G. and Lézine A.-M. – Soil carbon for deciphering Holocene tropical vegetation changes in Central Cameroon.

  • Verschuren D. et al. – Central African vegetation and fire history: sediment records from East African lakes.

2nd AFRIFORD MEETING: 28/11/2014, Université Libre de Bruxelles:

  • Beeckman H. ., Colombaroli D., De Ridder M. and Hubau W. – AFRIFORD and wood.

  • François L.., Dury M. and Hambuckers A. – Modelling African tree species with the CARAIB dynamic vegetation model.

  • Hardy O.J. and Migliore J. (co-speaker), Duminil J., Daïnou K., Demenou B., Tosso F., Dauby G., Donkpegan A. and Monthe F. – New insights in African rainforest evolution.

  • Lézine A.-M. ., Turcq B. et al. – Pollen, environment and climate in C. Africa since 90 ka.

  • Trolliet F. et al. – Effect of anthropogenic pressures on seed dispersal and regeneration of zoochorous tree species in a forest-savannah mosaic in Western D.R. Congo.

  • Verschuren D. et al. – Pollen and charcoal records from eastern forests: progress and plans.

In a forest exploitation in South-east Cameroon… (© O. Hardy)