Master Programmes (available only in French)

  • Master in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology

  • Master in Neuropsychology and Cognitive Development

  • Master in Social and Intercultural Psychology

  • Master in Psychology of Work, Economic Psychology and Organisational Psychology

  • Master in Psychology – Research Focus

  • Master in Education

  • Master in Education – Research Focus

  • Master in Speech and Language Therapy

Master in Psychology, Professional focus, Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology

The “Master in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology”, Professional focus, prepares students for the singularity and complexity of clinical encounters, for the ethical demands and the professional rigour that these imply, and for a multidisciplinary approach to problems of mental health and well-being.

To this end, the programme is particularly attentive to the development of personal involvement and relational skills of future clinical psychologists.

The Master seeks to integrate three complementary models for understanding human reality: the psychoanalytical approach, the systemic approach and the cognitive behavioural approach.

Master in Psychology, Professional focus, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Development

The “Master in Neuropsychology and Cognitive Development”, Professional focus, aims to meet the growing demand from hospitals and other health care institutions for psychologists who are specialised in clinical neuropsychology.

It aims to provide future psychologists with both high-quality theoretical training and practical training based on the latest diagnostic assessment and treatment techniques for cognitive functioning disorders.

Master in Psychology, Professional focus, Social and Intercultural Psychology

The “Master in Social and Intercultural Psychology”, Professional focus, covers domains related to the study of people in their social dimension.

The programme provides training in four areas of competence: group management, management of cultural diversity, conflict management and scientific research.

Master in Psychology, Professional focus, Psychology of Work, Economic Psychology and Organisational Psychology

The “Master in Psychology of Work, Economic Psychology and Organisational Psychology”, Professional focus, provides comprehensive training in assessment, intervention and prevention methodologies specific to work environments, including socio-professional integration environments.

Rooted in both research and practice, the programme draws upon the scientific expertise of highly qualified lecturers and researchers that is regularly called upon by professional organisations.

The competences of occupational psychologists are appreciated both in the business world (human resource management, training, prevention and protection at work, work organisation, communication, marketing, etc.), and in service organizations (consultancy firms).

Master in Education

The “Master in Education”, Professional focus, is a high-level university programme that is compatible with the exercise of a professional activity.

The programme comprises two modules: a “Teaching” module, specifically intended for teachers, and an “Education, Training, and Development Cooperation” module, more specifically geared towards international relations and development cooperation in the field of education.

Master in Psychology and Master in Education – Research Focus

The “Master in Psychology” and the “Master in Education”, Research Focus, specifically aim at training students for research.

They prepare students for a PhD and aim to develop analytical and synthesizing skills, to transmit the crucial elements of research methodology and ethical knowledge, and to foster critical and epistemological thinking specific to the social sciences.

Master in Speech & Language Therapy

The “Master in Speech and Language Therapy”, Professional focus, trains students to work in the fields of speech and language therapy, whether in private practice or in specialised care, teaching or education institutions.

The “Master in Speech and Language Therapy” is co-organised with the Université catholique de Louvain, and courses are taught at both universities. The programme is recognised in other French-speaking countries (France, Québec province of Canada, Switzerland).

Advanced Masters

The Faculty also organises two Advanced Masters:

  • Advanced Master in Risk Management and Well-Being in the Workplace

  • Advanced Master in Pedagogy in Higher Education


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