Charles Cuvelliez, Visiting Professor


OPERA - Wireless Communications Group - CP 165/81
Building U, Door A, Level 3, Office location UA3-215a

Avenue F. Roosevelt 50
1050 Brussels

Tel : +32 (0)492 48 02 18


Master Engineering Physics and PhD in Engineering from the Université libre de Bruxelles

Master Operations Research from the Université libre de Bruxelles, Insitute of Statistics

M. Sc. Telecommunication

1997-1998 : Senior Product Manager, Belgacom

1998-2002 : Head of Service Providers/Mobistar Wholesale Solutions, Mobistar (now Orange Belgium)

2002-2004 : Director Wholesale BU, KPN-Orange

2004-2009 : Head of Product Strategy, Orange Business Services

2009-2017 : Board Member, IBPT (Belgian Telecom Regulatory Body)

2017-to date : CYC2 (tech company), Founder (2008) & Partner

Teaching activities

Research activities

Charles Cuvelliez leads research on data regulation, data protection, cybersecurity, radiofrequency management (5G, IoT) and radio planning, economic regulation of electronic communications market, regulation of network industries. He writes chronicles in economical newspapers.