Nonlinear Optics

In order to build telecommunication devices in which slow electronic parts are replaced by their fast optical counterpart, we need to control light by light. This requires the use of nonlinear optics.

We aim to provide original solutions to enhance and use optical nonlinearities in photonics. (Read More)

Quantum Optics

Please contact Serge Massar smassar@ulb.ac.be (Read More)

Reservoir Computing

Reservoir computing is a new technique based on artificial recurrent neural network that was introduced at the onset of the century. The aim of our researches is to implement and study optical reservoir computers. (Read More)


For decades, optical microscopy has played an important role in the observation of cell biology. In microscopy, as for all imaging optical system, the spatial resolution is limited. Recently, several new approaches have been developed to overcome this limit, particularly in fluorescence microscopy. (Read More)

Wireless channel modeling and electromagnetics

Physical characterization and modeling of wireless channels and electromagnetic wave propagation, with emphasis on Body Area Networks and bio-electromagnetics (Read More)

Signal processing for digital communications

Develop signal processing solutions for emerging digital communications, aiming at : a realistic system integration, the implementation of low-cost / low-power terminals (Read More)

Network protocols and architectures

Design and implementation of novel signalling protocols and architectures for next-generation high-speed, high-availability, secure mobile networks (Read More)