Cycle de conférences 2019: Alumni en Biomed « Tech it to life »

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«Quelles équipes pour les dispositifs de demain? »

Bernardo Innocenti

Antoine Nonclercq

Jacques Devière

Lundi 11 mars 2019 ULB ( DC2.223)

Bernardo Innocenti is Professor of Biomechanics at École polytechnique de Bruxelles, l’ULB. Founder and ex-President of the CAOS Belgium, Society for Computer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery, member of the European Knee Society, his main research is on orthopaedic biomechanics, in particular on knee prosthesis.

Antoine Nonclercq est chargé de cours à l'École polytechnique de Bruxelles de l’ULB. Il a présidé le master en ingénierie biomédicale ces quatre dernières années. Ses recherches portent sur l’électronique biomédicale et en particulier sur la neurostimulation.

Jacques Devière est chef du service de gastro-entérologie, d'hépatopancréatologie et d'oncologie digestive aux Cliniques Universitaires de Bruxelles (Érasme) en 1998 et professeur ordinaire clinique à l'ULB.

«Réussir sur le marché de la technologie médicale⋅»

Pascal Doguet

Mercredi 3 avril 2019 ULB ( DC2.206)

Pascal Doguet est le cofondateur de la société Synergia Medical, où il développe des dispositifs médicaux à la pointe de la technologie, notamment un neurostimulateur implantable.

Si la technologie médicale est en plein boom, créer de toute pièce une entreprise fructueuse dans ce domaine reste un défi. Cofondée par Pascal Doguet en 2013, Synergia Medical peut dès à présent se targuer de développer et vendre des neurostimulateurs de dernière génération. Mais comment a-t-il fait pour en arriver là?

«La technologie médicale nous affranchira-t-elle des limitations humaines ?»

Jean-Noel Missa

Mercredi 24 avril 2019 ULB ( DC2.206)

Jean-Noël Missa est un universitaire belge, docteur en médecine et en philosophie. Ses recherches portent sur la philosophie des sciences biomédicales (en particulier, dans le domaine des neurosciences et de la psychiatrie biologique) et sur la bioéthique.

La dilution des frontières entre médecine thérapeutique classique et médecine d’amélioration constitue une des caractéristiques principales de la biomédecine du XXIe siècle. La volonté des transhumanistes de modifier l’homme a évidemment suscité des débats éthiques et philosophiques animés. L’actualité nous force à clarifier nos positions.

Cycle de conférences 2018: Arts et Ingénierie « Smells like STEAM spirit »

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Each lecture will be followed by a convivial drink


Felipe Reinoso Carvalho

Tuesday 22 March ULB ( UD2.120)

Researcher in Multisensory Experiential Design, PhD in Psychology (KUL) and in Engineering Sciences (VUB), boutique consultant.

How can sound influence your taste?

Come on March 22 at this "Smells like STEAM spirit" opening lecture to taste chocolate in combination with different songs, to discover how your senses interact while enjoying food and to understand the science behind such multisensory experiments !

For this lecture, Felipe will summarise his R& D work, where he tests auditory solutions towards the improvement of the tasting experience. He will briefly summarise his research path, including some methods and results. He will also talk about 'The Sound of Chocolate', a project that he has co-developed in collaboration with the city of Brussels, where science, arts and gastronomy dialogued in order to propose a new way of experiencing Belgian chocolate, through music. This presentation will come along with demonstrations, where we will explore the importance of all of our senses, and particularly while we eat and drink: Come and eat some chocolate, while you senses do the rest!

Felipe Reinoso Carvalho is a researcher specialised in Multisensory Experiential Design. He has an interdisciplinary PhD degree in Psychology (KU Leuven), and in Engineering Sciences (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). He has on going R& D partnerships with Universidad de los Andes, the Brain & Cognition group at KU Leuven, the LIBR at KU Leuven, the Crossmodal research lab at Oxford University, the Center for Multisensory Marketing at BI Norway, the MIM Brussels, and with many other colleagues from around the globe. He also works as a boutique consultant at different levels and he collaborates with brands such as the city of Brussels, Bang & Olufsen, The Chocolate Line, The Brussels Beer Project, Brasserie de la Senne. Through people's behaviour, Felipe tries to better understand - and hopefully to improve - life experiences. He advocates for the usage of science, and for an appropriate understanding of technology, as means for a better future. In his work, he also encourages the employment of arts as a resource for the valorisation of innovation.


Steven Ware

Tuesday 17 April ULB (U.D.218)

After graduating in Architecture from the Architectural Association (London) and in Biology from Western University (Canada), Steven is now Director and 1742⋅partner of Art and Build Paris and its R and D branch AB_lab, he is an expert in urban ecology, bio-adaptive architecture and smart materials.

Biomimicry as a driving force for aesthetics, innovation and sustainable architecture Steven Ware

Humans are breaking with nature's laws in the way in which they fashion their habitat; altering the delicate balance of energy and matter which all species must maintain in order to be successful. Architects must face the challenge of establishing new practices which better synchronize building cycles with ecological cycles. The lecture will address and illustrate several conceptual bridges which may be found between architecture and biology.

Steven WARE is graduated in Architecture from the Architectural Association (London) and in Biology from Western University (Canada). Director and partner of Art and Build Paris and its R and D branch AB_lab, Steven is an expert in urban ecology, bio-adaptive architecture and smart materials. Art and Build's approach reconciles the fundamental processes behind the making of architecture - art and construction - generating a design process which is itself the synthesis of invention and rigor, of liberty and efficiency, and of creative construction. A serie of major projects, as the headquarters of Groupe Chèque Déjeuner (MIPIM Award winner in 2011) and of Thales Communications and Security (SIMI Awards nominee in 2012), positioned Art and Build office as a leader in sustainable development integrating innovative bio-adaptive principles.


Thursday 3 May ULB (U.D.2.120)

Veronika Liebl

Christophe de Jaeger

Veronika Liebl

Director of Organization and Finance at Ars Electronica, the world-wide leader in the interlinkages between art, technology and society.

Christophe de Jaeger Manager at BOZAR Art and Research and founder of Gluon, an organization running projects on the crossover points linking visual art, research, industry and education.


Ward van der Tempel

Christopher Littlefair

Tuesday 8 May ULB (U.D.2.120)

Ward van der Tempel

Head of Technology at Sony Depthsensing Solutions (previously SoftKinetic). Electro-technical engineer with a PhD from the VUB.

Christopher Littlefair

Senior Marketing Manager at Sony Depthsensing Solutions.