Modules for Erasmus

Special subjects for Erasmus incoming students

In order to help you drafting your programme and finding a suitable number of credits, the Faculty organizes one module for you.

A) Linguistic Tandems

What are these Tandems about ?

It is a programme offering the opportunity to students speaking different languages to exchange their linguistic competences.

You may form a tandem and, by doing so, develop your competences in a foreign language by sharing various activities with a fellow student whose mother language is the one you want to learn or enhance. In return you will allow your Tandem Partner to practice and enhance your own mother language.

5 credits (ECTS) or a certificate of attendance may be obtained if all the programme is fulfilled.

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Contact : Mrs Brigitte Turner-Burkitt [Mail :]

The first information and inscription session will take place/will be held on Monday 18 September 2017, 11:00 am -1:00 pm in Room A.Y.2.107