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The ICPC-2 book published by Oxford University Press in 1998 has been updated to a new version, ICPC-2-E. The changes have been detailed in the April issue of 'Family Practice' in an article by Okkes et al. 'The electronic version of ICPC-2, Fam Pract 2000, 17:101-6.

The article about the changes and the list of changes has also been placed on the OUP web following the publication of the article in Family Practice, but this is covered by the same copyright conditions as is the book. Both are copyright to WONCA.

ICPC-2-E is an electronic version of the revised and corrected chapters 10 and 11 of the ICPC-2 book. From the moment of its publication in April 2000 this "ICPC-2-E" will serve as the standard for the use of ICPC-2 as a classification, both in electronic systems and in written form, formally replacing chapters 10 and 11 as printed in the book. However, chapters 1 to 9 of the book remain indispensable in order to understand the underlying principles and concepts of the classification, and contain information on the additional use of the Severity of Illness Coding (DUSOI/WONCA) and the Functional Status Assessment (COOP/WONCA charts).

Oxford University Press will ensure that future purchasers of the book will be informed by a sticker with details of the URL of the paper, so that they can easily find the corrected chapters.

When citing the correct version of ICPC-2/ICPC-2-E, reference should be made to both the following publications:

1. ICPC-2 International Classification of Primary care, second edition. Prepared by the International Classification Committee of WONCA. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998.
2. Okkes IM, Jamoulle M, Lamberts H, Bentzen N. ICPC-2-E. The electronic version of ICPC-2. Differences with the printed version and the consequences. Fam Pract 2000; 17: 101-6.
The non-commercial user is free to use ICPC-2-E, since it replaces chapters 10 and 11 of the book, but the copyright remains with WONCA, and all rights are reserved and the same conditions apply as apply to the ICPC-2 book.

If the electronic version of chapters 10 and 11 is to be used for commercial purposes or in national/local coding systems, it will be necessary to negotiate with WONCA about user fees. In that case, please contact the CEO of WONCA (wonca@bigpond.com) about an agreement for the use the classification in a commercial computerised medical/health record system or coding system.

14 April 2000

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