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The WONCA International Classification Committe

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Since 1972, the Wonca Classification Committee has been elaborating research tools for general practice. ICPC, its most important project, is a disease classification system for family physicians, and it is available in more than 20 languages. The second edition, ICPC-2, will be published in 1998. The Committee, acting as a methodological research laboratory, has created or validated various other tools in the domain of outcome measurements as functional health status indicators or indices of severity. Following the publication of a Glossary, a real dictionary of general practice is currently being developed.

Click on WONCA to learn more about the World Organisation of Family Doctors.

Here You shall discover more about the 25 years of research in methodology carried out by the Wonca Classification Committee.

The WICC has had several meetings since his creation in Melbourne in 1972.

It has developed and tested various research tools in the field of family practice.

Its most important project is the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC). ICPC was first published in 1987.This is now referred to as ICPC-1. In 1993, ICPC was included by an European working party in a multi language layer . This is referred to as ICPC-E which is presented here in some European languages. The 1998 publication is referred to as ICPC-2. ICPC is used when referring to the generic classification. Have a look at the ICPC framework , and at the ICPC structure .

Five years work of the Comittee shall lead to the publication of ICPC-2 in the spring of 1998 . have a look at "An introduction to ICPC-2" The differences between ICPC and ICPC-2 and examples of the inclusions and exclusions criteria are published.

If you wish to use tools created or endorsed by the WICC , read the document on WONCA copyrights . You should also know how to get the ICPC or 16 of its translations in electronic format (TXT files). ICPC-2 files shall soon be available in eletronic format.

Look at the E-mail directory to see if there is a member of the WICC or of the CISP-Club in your area.

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