Your stay in Belgium

How to lodge your visa application?

If you are a national from a non-European Union country, you may need a visa to enter Belgian territory. You can obtain it at a Belgian embassy/consulate in your home country.

Visa procedure


You must submit your online application to the ULB between 15 February and 30 April 2018.


While awaiting the admission decision from the University, please check how to get a student visa and contact the Belgian embassy or consulate closest to your place of residence.


You will receive an admission letter from the University. This document will be requested as part of your student visa application. You should finalize the process for your student visa as quickly as possible.


After obtaining the visa, you must confirm your registration and provide a copy of your visa by September 30, 2018 at the latest.

The Visa is issued on the basis of the following documents:

  • The ULB admission decision, or, where applicable, proof of having registered for the special admission exam in engineering.

  • Proof of sufficient financial means;

  • A medical certificate.

  • a certificate attesting to the lack of any convictions for crimes or offences under common law (if you are older than 21).

  • A passport valid for more than 12 months.

  • A completed and signed visa application form .

Please consult the Immigration's Office website for more information about the visa's procedure.

Arriving in Belgium

Go to the municipal administration in the place where you are staying within 8 days of your arrival in Belgium to ask to be registered on the aliens register and issued with a residence permit. You may need to bring those documents with you:

  • your student visa (D visa);

  • your national passport;

  • proof that you are registered at the ULB;

  • proof of residence ((a document from the landlord or a rent receipt);

  • 3 recent ID photos;

The municipal administration will then issue a declaration of arrival (déclaration d'arrivée or DA), made out for the duration of the visa. Registration in the Citizens' Register (registre de la Population) can be done by the Aliens Office and the student will be given an alien ID card, renewable during course duration.

Health insurance

In Belgium, personal health insurance is mandatory, and students must belong to a health insurance of their choice. This means that, should they have any health problems, they can go to the doctor's and be reimbursed for most of the medical costs incurred. More details will be provided on registration.

In addition, students registered at the University benefit from a third-party liability group insurance policy covering all accidents associated with their university work.

Study grants

Study grants may be awarded by certain bodies (Belgian, EU, national or international).

The ULB is not involved in awarding such grants. Students should get into direct contact with their national authorities, which can give them details on availability, award criteria, etc., in the context of cultural or cooperation agreements.

Proficiency in French

To be eligible for exams for a Bachelor degree or an upper secondary teaching qualification (Agrégation), students must be able to prove that they have sufficient command of the French language.

Additional information