Online application form

How to apply?

1. Before starting your application
  • We invite you to consult the dates that apply to you.

  • Before starting the online application, we invite you to check the list of documents you will need to upload.

  • If you want to submit an application for the first year of a Bachelor course, please read the new admission criteria before starting the online application.

  • If you want to submit an application for the first year of a Bachelor course, you will have to pay an advance deposit to submit your application.

2. Submit your application

In order to access to the application form, you need to create a MonULB account.


Only for the non-European students

For an efficient treatment of your application, please keep in mind the following points:

You will be guided through the admissions procedure (information and documents to deliver); you can interrupt/resume your work at any moment as long as you respect the deadlines.

Your application will not reach us until you have pressed the "Submit" button at the end of the procedure.

Please check that all information provided is correct and that you are submitting the right supporting documents.

You may be contacted by an admissions officer at a later date, asking you to provide additional documentation; in such a case you are requested to upload these documents as quickly as possible:

within six weeks at the most,

with all documents being uploaded at once.

Any application failing to meet the requirements defined in the program catalogue or incomplete at the submission deadline, will be definitely rejected.

Please be aware that you are not allowed to introduce more than one application per year.

3. What happens after you apply?
  • If you receive an e-mail regarding a positive decision on your request for admission, all you will need to do is to return to your online application and accept or decline the offer.

  • When returning to your online application, you may be informed that certain required documents are missing. If this is the case, you will need to provide the documents before them before being able to continue. You will only then receive the decision regarding your registration.

  • Students having waited for a certificate of equivalence from the French Community should submit it at this moment.

  • After you have accepted the offer of registration and submitted all necessary documents, the Registration Department will validate your registration. Once this has been done, you will automatically receive an e-mail with your NetId.

  • You will be considered as a registered student only after you have paid the registration fee.) In order to access the payment information, you will need to log into your MonULB online portal.

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