Equivalence of a foreign PhD

The Universities have the responsibility of granting equivalence for third-cycle degrees (i.e. PhDs).

The need to obtain equivalence of a PhD awarded abroad can be due to a number of different reasons:

  • Application for an F.R.S. - FNRS research post

  • A professional appointment

  • ...

Anyone holding a foreign PhD can request equivalence, independent of whether he or she is applying to the FNRS. It is important to bear in mind that the equivalence procedure can take several weeks and that it therefore wise to initiate the procedure in good time to meet the deadlines set by such bodies as the FNRS.


  • Download the formpdf.

  • Fill it in.

  • Attach all the documents specified on page 1.

  • Submit (upload) your application to the Admissions Department or send it by post (addresses shown on the form).

  • The Admissions Department will pass on the applications to the selection panel concerned.

  • The selection panel decides on the application, issuing either a justified rejection or a certificate of equivalence.

  • This decision is then registered with the Admissions Department and sent to you by post and e-mail (a scanned copy of the decision will be sent while you wait for the original to arrive).