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Guest auditor / Auditeur libre

Guest auditor status allows you to sit in on lectures, but not to participate in practical or lab work.

It does not allow you to sit exams. This means that, as a guest auditor, you are not in a position to earn any ECTS credits, any degree or any certificate of achievement. The only document that may be issued is an attestation of attendance.

You may register as a guest auditor throughout the year, though you will need authorisation from the Dean of the faculty in question. Registration is also dependent on available capacity.

Warning : Guest auditor status is not available in the following faculties: Philosophy and Arts (except CIERL*), Medicine, the Institute of Pharmacy, Applied Science.

(*) CIERL - Interdisciplinary Centre for Religious and Secular Studies

The registration fee is set at EUR 85.

Registration fees for guest auditors are not reimbursable.

Warning : Registration as a guest auditor (auditeur libre) does not entitle you to the advantages enjoyed by regular students: you cannot use it to obtain a visa or any official social security or tax attestations.

For further information and registration, please contact Mr Redouan Sbai.