Students coming from the EU (Erasmus+)

Hello! We'll soon have the pleasure to be in touch with you!

Our partner universities have been informed about the process to nominate you officially for a stay at ULB. They'll send us the lists of the students duly selected, and after we'll check the nominations, we will contact future Incoming's students and provide them with our forms.
Those forms will have to be sent to us within

  • June 1st June(for a stay starting in September)or within

  • October 15th(for a stay starting in February).

If you have not received our forms one month prior to this date, please let us know by sending us an e-mail (to "mobilite @") mentioning:

- your name
- the name of your home university
- your field of study
- the expected moment of your stay.

Students who, during their stay at the ULB, will be writing their dissertation or thesis or doing their end-of-study project in addition to their courses must choose their subject or laboratory before arriving and within our deadlines, i.e. before 1stJune (1st semester) or 1stOctober (2nd semester), communicating to us in writing the agreement of a professor (sponsor) from the ULB Faculty concerned and a co-sponsor from their home university. Without such prior agreement, they cannot be admitted to the ULB.
You are responsible of finding the ULB Professor willing to supervize this academic activities.

Please note there is another process foreseen if you come in the frame of an SMP Erasmus program (Student Mobility for Placement).



For Erasmus students :

at the latest 6 weeks before the foreseen start of the traineeship