Traineeship without courses, EU students

Your university is entitled to participate to the Erasmus "Student Mobility for Placement" sub-program and awarded you an Erasmus SMP grant.

This means you'll have then to spend at least two months in a row in one of our labs under the supervision of an ULB Promoter - hence we won't accept you unless a Professor from ULB sends us his/her formal authorization to supervise your academic activities in his/her unit up until 6 weeks before the foreseen start date of your traineeship.

How do you find a Promoter?

Have a look on the following website in order to locate the most appropriate research unit, corresponding to your academic background. Provide them with a resume and a motivation letter (do not forget to mention very clearly what kind of activities you are expected to perform and most of all how much supervision you might need) so they can make their decision.

Please be aware that the student mobility office will only be able to deal with your file if you are still a student (if you have not graduated yet)


The formal authorization of your supervisor must be sent to us at least six weeks before the beginning of your traineeship