French language courses for foreign students enrolled in an exchange program at the ULB (Erasmus)
30-hour course, course code: LANG-B-911 (3ECTS)

Objectives and course content:

This refresher course places a grammatical focus on the difference between written and oral codes. The objective is to improve student's oral skills both in scientific language (exam preparation) and spoken language (integration to the university community). Language is looked at from a cultural perspective through French films and songs.

In the first semester, a course with the same objectives is organised for medical students in order to focus on medical vocabulary.

Outside of university hours, to promote self-learning, three activities are proposed:
- Homework to develop writing skills.
- A phonetics workshop conducted in a computer language room.
- Overall understanding improved through weekly exercises in the virtual learning environment.

Course Description :

- 10 lessons of 3 hours (1 class / week)
- 10 written assignments
- 10 sessions of computer-assisted learning and online exercises


A2 -> B1/B2


1st semester: from 01/10/18 to 07/12/18
Mandatory level test: 26/09/18, from 12h to 14h – Meeting Hall UB2.252A (Lameere)
Results - mandatory information session : 28/09/18 at 12h - room P1.1.111

2nd semester: from 12/02/19 to 03/05/19
Mandatory level test : 07/02/19, from 12h to 14h – Meeting Hall UB2.252A (Lameere)
Results - mandatory information session : 11/02/19 at 12h - room P1.1.111

How to register:

There is no formal inscription, students can simply turn up at the level test.

Information :

Depending upon the means at our disposal (number of teachers), student groups are composed of equivalent levels based on a test. We aim to accommodate the greatest number of students but are unable to guarantee places for all candidates on the course.