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Research Communication Unit:

Nathalie Gobbe, head

Nancy Dath, assistant, press contact

Natacha Jordens, editing and multimedia design

Mathieu Leonard, collaborator for press and news


+32 (0)2 650 92 03

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Research Communication

Located within the External Relations Department, the core mission of the Research Communication Unit is to publicise ULB research, whatever the field – humanities and social sciences, science and technology, life science, etc.

Targeting an audience both within the University and outside it, we make use of a wide range of tools: web news, newsletters, paper articles, video clips, tweets, etc. We are also responsible for contacts with the (Belgian and foreign) press in all matters concerning ULB research.

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You can also visit la Com' en bref where you will find information on the ULB style guide, acronyms, how to organise an event, etc.

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