Research Communication Unit


Whether a scientific publication, a Belgian or international research collaboration, a new research project, a colloquium, a rare piece of equipment, a prestigious award, a mission departure or return, etc., it is our job to pass on any non-run-of-the-mill news from ULB researchers:

Press Relations

There are lots of Belgian and foreign journalists – whether specifically focused on scientific research or generalists – interested in the latest research news from the ULB.

It is our job to keep them informed via:

  • Press releases presenting a discovery, a major new project, etc on a single page;

  • ULB experts, researchers and teachers commenting on a new item, analysing an event... in particular in Actu à chaud and 12 months, 12 experts.

  • Ad hoc meetings with ULB experts and press conferences;

All to be found on the Vous êtes journaliste page.

Presentation of ULB research

What singles out ULB research? Which fields is it engaged in? Which programmes does it access (ARC, IAP, ERC)?

We present ULB research and its highlights:

Communication advice and training

We are at the disposal of ULB researchers to advise them in all communication matters: please don't hesitate to contact us and/or to check the "Advice" pages reserved specially for you.

Together with the Department of Information and Communication Science of the Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication, we are developing:

  • workshops (half-days devoted to a specific topic) et lunchtime hands-on Communiquer sa recherche sessions, targeting ULB academics and researchers: click here for more details of the 2016-17 programme (in French - November 17 and 29, Solbosch; April 28, Erasme);

  • Presentations, tools and tutorials on How to communicate his/her research, available on Université virtuelle

  • Help for creating a blog or photographing/filming to communicate his/her research - more information on "Advice" pages dedicated to ULB researchers;

  • a Research@ULB blog where you will find testimonies from ULB researchers, examples, practical guidelines for better communicating your research, etc.

Got a question? Email us at