Short Bio

I am an FNRS post-doctoral researcher in the Formal Methods and Verification group at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium. I am part of the team of J.-F. Raskin. My research interests are mainly focused on game theory, formal verification and efficient and reliable controller synthesis for reactive systems.

From October 2014 to September 2015, I was a post-doctoral researcher in the VASCO group at the LSV, CNRS & ENS Cachan, France, and a member of the CASSTING project. I worked with P. Bouyer-Decitre and N. Markey.

From October 2010 to September 2014, I was a research fellow of the FNRS at the Université de Mons (UMONS), Belgium. I was part of the Theoretical Computer Science team, led by V. Bruyère. I defended my PhD thesis in Computer Science in April 2014. My thesis, entitled Synthesis in Multi-Criteria Quantitative Games, was supervised by V. Bruyère (UMONS) and J.-F. Raskin (ULB).


My recent work is focused on rich game models involving stochastic behavior, multiple objectives, qualitative and quantitative specifications, etc.

Publications and talks

Main collaborations



  • 2017: FoSSaCS 2017 (Uppsala), GandALF 2017 (PC member, Rome).

Recent past

  • 2017: Regional Days on Model Theory and Applications (Mons), BigDat 2017 (Bari).
  • 2016: Modeling & Simulation Day - Energie and Complexys Institutes (Mons), CASSTING final workshop (Eindhoven), INFORTECH Scientific Day (Mons), ICALP 2016 (Rome), GAMES 2016 (Maastricht), Highlights 2016 (Brussels).
  • 2015: Dagstuhl seminar "Non-Zero-Sum-Games and Control" (Dagstuhl), FFM'15 (Aachen), ERC Workshop IST Austria (Vienna), EDT Complex (Namur), 5th CASSTING meeting (Brussels), LSV Colloquium in honour of Martin Abadi (Cachan), CAV'15 (San Francisco), CSL'15 (Berlin), Highlights 2015 (Prague), CASSTING 6th meeting (Cachan).
  • 2014: GT Jeux (Paris), STACS'14 (Lyon), Strategic Reasoning 2014 (Grenoble), CASSTING meeting (Brussels), HIGHLIGHTS 2014 (Paris), Heidelberg Laureate Forum (Heidelberg), Fourth CASSTING meeting (Aachen).
  • 2013: CASSTING kick-off meeting (Paris), Francqui lecture series by Wolfgang Thomas (Mons), ERC Workshop (Jerusalem), HIGHLIGHTS'13 (Paris), CASSTING 2nd meeting (Aalborg), ATVA'13 (Hanoi), Nord Pas de Calais / Belgium Congress of Mathematics (Valenciennes and Mons).
  • 2012: Workshop on Synthesis (Brussels), CAV'12 (Berkeley), ECCS'12 (Brussels), CONCUR'12 (Newcastle), GAMES'12 (Naples), GT Jeux 2012 (Cachan).
  • 2011: 5th GASICS meeting (Mons), GAMES'11 Workshop (Paris), GASICS'11 3rd Workshop (Aachen), GASICS meeting (Brussels).
  • 2010: QMC'10 (Copenhagen), 3rd GASICS meeting (Aalborg), MOVEP'10 (Aachen), GPMFV'10 (Brno), GAMES'10 (Oxford), 4th GASICS meeting (Paris).

Teaching & other activities

Popular science workshops

  • Playing games is not a game!, Mathematics and Science Days, 27-28/03/14, UMONS. [Slides (in french)]
  • Playing games is not a game!, Mathematics and Science Days, 21-22/03/13, UMONS. [Slides (in french)]


My course on formal verification of computer systems (ULB, Master).

2015 - 2017 Formal verification of computer systems ULB Computer Science (CS): 4th year
2013 - 2014 Software Engineering Project UMONS CS and Mathematics: 2nd year
2012 - 2013 Software Engineering Project UMONS CS and Mathematics: 2nd and 3rd year
2010 - 2012 Software Engineering Project UMONS CS and Mathematics: 3rd year
2010 - 2011 Software Engineering UMONS CS and Mathematics: 3rd year
2009 - 2010 Algorithmics and programming UMONS CS and Mathematics: 1st year


  • PhD students: Quentin Hautem (ongoing, UMONS-ULB).
  • Master students: Florent Delgrange (2017, UMONS), Simon Olbregts (2016, UMONS), Alexandre Devaux (2014, UMONS).
  • Interns: Jean-Baptiste Courtois (2015, ENS Cachan), Raphaël Berthon (2016, ENS Rennes).
  • Bachelor students: Rémy Detobel (2017, ULB), Thomas Herman (2017, ULB), Loan Sens (2017, ULB).


You can contact me by

  • E-mail: mickael.randour [at]
  • Phone: +32 2 650 56 01
  • Snail Mail:
    Mickael Randour
    ULB - Campus de la Plaine - Département d’Informatique, CP 212
    Boulevard du Triomphe
    1050 Bruxelles