Tom Lenaerts @ ULB



08/08/2011: Participating in the organization of the 20-years anniversary edition of the ECAL conference in Paris

            La vie artificielle 20 ans après: entre la machine et le vivant by Rémi Sussan

21/04/2010: Sven Van Segbroeck obtaind his PhD in Computer Science (thesis entitled “Complex dynamics in adaptive networks” defended at the VUB). 

8/12/2009: Published in Haematologica the article “Tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy can cure chronic myeloid leukemia without hitting leukemic stem cells”. 

08/05/2009: Campustalks 2009, Why Darwin matters.  I will present the work of my colleagues and me on the evolutionary dynamics of social ties and its influence on the evolution of cooperation.

            Slides available here

06/02/2009 : Published in Physical Review Letters the article “Reacting differently to adverse ties promotes cooperation in social networks”.

27/04/2007 : In the context of Honorary doctorate of John Nash at the University of Antwerp I presented the work of my colleagues and me on evolutionary games  in networks.

Photo by Rob Stevens at ECCB2010