Stat 104 - “Re-sampling methods in statistical modeling”

Pr. G. Bontempi


The course will introduce computer intensive methods of statistical analysis and their application to statistical modeling.
Computer-intensive methods use resampling and repeated simulations to calculate standard errors, confidence intervals and significance tests or, more in general, to assess the quality of a statistical models. These methods are not only in general use by statisticians but are also applied by quantitative researchers in the life sciences, social sciences and business. The methods apply for any level of modeling and are well reputed for their easy understanding and implementation. The course will emphasize the practical side of resampling methods by illustrating the theoretical issues with practical applications to data analysis, statistical modeling and machine learning.
The course will be supplemented by a set of computer based examples (using the Matlab and the R language).

Prerequisites: basic notions of probability and statistics.




Course (15h)

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic concepts of statistical inference
  3. Re-sampling methods for estimation and testing
  4. Modeling and Data analysis.
  5. Re-sampling methods for model assessment and selection.
  6. Model selection and model averaging



Matlab and R scripts (see slides for information)


Internet support


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Machine Learning

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