Publications : list of scientific papers and presentations in different colloquia, seminars, etc.
Who are we ? : introduction to the center and its activities
CESSE : address and localisation (maps) of the center ; director's details
Seminars : advertising and description of colloquium, lectures, seminars related to one of the subject tackled by the center or by the Environment Universities Association (site hosted by the CESSE)
People : list of the current and former staff, personalized cards of the current staff with the related details and projects.

Research : list of the research projects, current and former, (in function of the tackled theme : "transport and environment", "energy, environment, CO2 emissions and Kyoto, sustainable development", "various").

Links to downloadable documents are directly integrated in the introduction card related to the project or in the references of the publication.

Details of researchers or of the person in charge are also mentionned in the introduction cards.

Training : links to courses and seminars given by Dr. Walter Hecq and to related trainings
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