Researchers :

Véronique Landrain , Vincent Favrel

Description :

Projet funded by the OSTC (Global Change et Développement Durable PADD 1)

Summary :

Tropospheric ozone is a secondary photochemical pollutant which, above certain thresholds, has harmful effects on human health, building materials and crops.

Electric and hybrid vehicles could constitute a long-term solution to face these impacts, which are mainly related to road traffic acting as the main source of ozone precursors.

The potential economic and environmental advantages of scenarios using "captive" fleets made up of this type of vehicles in the Brussels-Capital Region are evaluated on the basis of a cost-effectiveness analysis.

Available documents (.pdf) :

Final Report (in French) (1018Kb)
Executive summary (in French) (30Kb)
Executive Summary (in English) (28Kb)


Beginning : December 1998
End: September 2001

Electrical and hybrid vehicle as a means
for cutting down tropospheric ozone ?