Researchers :

Ir. Vincent Favrel, Vincent Gallet, Sandrine Meyer
Partners : ETEC-VUB, Pr. Dr. Ir. Joeri Van Mierlo, Laetitia Vereecken

Description :

Project funded by the Brussels Institute for the Management of the Environment (IBGE)

Summary :

Samenvatting van de Work Packages , 50 bl.

Résumés des Work Packages , 49 p.

Available documents :

Establishment of an environemental indicator adapted to all existing or future road vehicles, Favrel V., Meyer S., Van Mierlo J. et alii, 1st international symposium "Environment and Transport", Les collections de l'INRETS, Actes INRETS n°93, Avignon, France, 19-20 June 2003
Présentation (in French) - Text
(in English)

State of the Art of different alternative fuels and traction systems in Belgium,Van Mierlo J. (ETEC-VUB), Favrel V., Meyer S. et alii, in “Transportation Research - Part D Transport and Environment”, à paraître
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Comparison of the environmental damage of vehicles with different alternative fuels and drive trains in a Brussels context, Van Mierlo J. (ETEC-VUB), Favrel V., Meyer S. et alii, in “Journal of Automotive Engineering – SAE”, à paraître
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Beginning : March 2001
End : December 2001

Clean Vehicles