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2003 :

Effects of the climate change in Belgium : potential impacts on hydrographic basins and the coast, economic and finacial assessment (step 1 : State of the art, scenarii, impacts and adaptation measures); in progress

Arterial Streets Towards Sustainability (ARTISTS) : summary, in progress

Knowledge of CO2 emissions : Kyoto implications in Belgium, 5th step, in progress

Assessment of the potentiality to develop micro-cogeneration : environmental, social, economic and energy impacts (MICRO), in progress


2002 :

Strategies and Tools to Assess and Implement noise Reducing measures for Railway Systems (STAIRRS) , December 2002

Integrated Modeling of Urban Planing, Mobility and Air Pollution: A Case Study for the Brussels-Capital Region, December 2002, publication CANSEE 2001

Knowledge of CO2 emissions : Kyoto implications in Belgium , 4th step, Executive summary and final report, December 2002

Child deaseases and child minding : a source of inequality between men and women , November 2002


2001 :

Electric and hybrid vehicles as a means of cutting down tropospheric ozone? ,
September 2001

Clean Vehicles ,
French and Dutch summaries, December 2001


2000 :

Sustainable Mobility in the Brussels Area , November 2000

Impacts of mobility on greenhouse gases emissions in the Brussels-Capital Region. A case study with dynamic ecological economic modeling for regional planning, December 2000, publication ESEE 2000, publication ISEE 2000

Sustainable Mobility Information System (SMIS), 2000

Analyzing and monitoring social practices that determine the demand for mobility : December 2000

Sunk costs related to depollution mecanisms in power stations within the context of the electricity market liberalisation , 2000



Dynamic ecological-economic modelling for regional planning : a case study of the environmental impacts of mobility, induced by major policy options in Brussels-Capital region (report) , November 1999

Indicators of sustainable development , December 1999



Assessment of externalities with regard to air pollution caused by residential heatings in Belgium , September 1998



Overview and Analysis of the links between "Models of Mobility" and "Models of Pollutant Emissions from Transport"
: November 1997

Metadatabase on sustainable development (data sources) : February 1997


1996 and before

Emissions trading : application to the Belgian power stations : see publications

ISO 14001 et EMAS : Management environnemental et systèmes d'audit

Comptabilité nationale environnementale


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