Selected World Wide Web Sites on Sustainable Development

The following is an extract from The IISD sourcebase 1995, www sites on sustainable development

as updated on 29/6/1995.

    GRNSD-XX : Global Research Network on Sustainable Development (GRNSD)

    GRNSD is a world wide, independent forum of researchers and other professionals that aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the sustainable development research process. GRNSD complements the work of other organizations and networks. As an independent network, it aims to systematically analyze the roles and impact that science and related knowledge have in sustainable development. Further more, the network develops new and creative approaches to increase the quality of research and communication processes of the participating individuals, organizaitons, and networks. All stages of the sustainable development research process are analyzed and supported: the planning and conduct of sustainable research activities, and the dissemination and implementation of the results.

    The core of GRNSD is the Scientific Meta-Network (SMN), which is an international, interdisciplinary, and interactive meeting point for professionals from any field related to sustainable development. The SMN consists of several disciplinary, theme and project groups, focusing on topics as diverse as 'Atmospheric Dispersion of Chemicals', 'Sustainable Development Measurement and Indicators', 'Sustainable Community Development', and 'Forests and Forestry in British Columbia, Canada'.

    GRNSD does not choose sides. The desire for change is the only common denominator of its members. They differ in their views on what this change should entail and how it can be implemented. The role of the network is to facilitate constructive interaction between its members, without forcing any of them to support majority opinions that conflict with those of their own. For this reason, GRNSD is developing certified discussion procedures.

    For more information, visit the GRNSD World Wide Web site or contact Aldo de Moor, the General Coordinator, Infolab B303, Tilburg University, P.O. Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands, e-mail: , Fax: +31-13-663069.

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    An environmental information system based at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with services available in either Hebrew or English. The system includes a list of environmental organizations, national, U.S., and international; a list of relevant journals and electronic newsgroups; bibliographies on topics such as GIS; and access to online news reports, an environmental law database on Israel and commercial databases.

    IIASA World Wide Web

    IIASA provides users of the World Wide Web with:

    * press releases and information on press conferences
    * information about weekly events, IIASA conferences and workshops
    * the latest research plan and annual report and tables of content of the Institute's quarterly Options Magazine
    * descriptions of current research projects
    * a searchable cross-referenced catalog of IIASA publications
    * complete texts of recent scientific working papers
    * information about the Young Scientist Summer Program
    * general information about IIASA, its history, membership, etc.

    For more information about IIASA's World Wide Web service, contact: .


    IISD is currently developing a hub of sustainable developent information resources and forum on the World Wide Web.

    International Development Centre Library Home Page

    The Library contains some 60,000 volumes on economics, politics, sociology, and recent history of developing countries. It has a very good collection on agricultural economics and rural development. The Library subscribes to 600 journals, and maintains newscuttings files on development topics and individual developing countries.

    This Home Page provides direct links to key resources on the Internet which are of interest to people interested in development research. Some examples are:

    DEVLINE, the online library catalogue of British Library for Development Studies; BBC's One World Online WWW site; German Development Institute; HugerWeb; Bristol University Social Sciences Gateway; University of Bath Development Studies Gopher; Library of Congress Web site; African studies resources at University of Pennsylvania; United Nations Development Programme; Greenpeace; the White House; and the Envirolink Web Page.

    International Foundation for Science/Oxford Forestry Institute WWW Server at the Department of Plant Science, Oxford University

    This WWW server is the host for the WWW pages for the Department of Plant Sciences, the Oxford Forestry Institute (OFI), the International Foundation for Science (IFS) and the Centre for Research in Sustainable Systems of Agricultural Production (CIPAV). You will find at this site, occasional papers, research reports and databases currently published by the Oxford Forestry Institute and the Department of Plant Sciences. A Quick page gives an overview of the information on this server and also a what's new page containing pointers to information recently added to the server.

    International Research Development Centre - Asia Regional Office World Wide Web server

    As of May 1995, IDRC Asia Regional Office Web is under construction and find the following programme information posted:

    * Pan Asia Networking programme
    * Healthy Communities
    * Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use
    * Community-based Natural Resource Management
    * Communities in Transition - Managing Social and Economic Change
    * Sustainable Technologies
    * Combodia: Human and Natural Resources

    Linkages - World Wide Web & Gopher Sites

    All the back issues, current dailies and summary issues of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) are electronically available through LINKAGES.

    LINKAGES, a multimedia resource for environment and development decision makers, is a World Wide Web server providing full searchable hypertext of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin and clickable links to documents related to many environment and development negotiations.

    The Earth Negotiations Bulletin can be received or retrieved through gopher, listserver, WWW and for further information, contact: "".

    OneWorld Online

    OneWorld Online is a WWW site prepared by One World Broadcasting Trust, a British charity whose remit links the worlds of development and broadcasting. OneWolrd Online is "a place to meet other people who are involved in the issues of global justice, peace, aid, trade, population, human rights, or other aspects of sustainable development".

    This Home Page contains rich resources emanating from key government agencies and NGOs in the United Kingdom working on development issues. These include: ActionAid; Amnesty International; CAFOD; Christian Aid; Comic Relief; Commonwealth Broadcasting Association; Commonwealth Foundation; Crosslines Global Report; Development Education Association; EarthAction; Gemini News Service; International Healthy Cities Foundation; International Institute for Environment and Development; International Planned Parenthood Federation; New Internationalist; Oxfam; Overseas Development Administration, etc.

    Some Key Features of the Home Page are:

    * One World Correspondent -- the Home Page plans to link to a series of hypertext essays with some links for further information in the related subject areas;
    * Emergency News -- Press releases and reports from troubled areas around the world;
    * Development in Action -- First-hand stories and features on people working together for a better life;
    * New Thinking -- Analyses and fresh perspectives from academia and beyond; and
    * Critic's Choice -- Transcripts and reviews of outstanding television and radio programmes on One World themes, with guest critic Peter Fiddick.

    The Home Page also provides Index Page listing everything on the Page in alphabetical order and also you can search with keywords.

    Oxford Forestry Institute (OFI) World Wide Web Server

    The Institute provides OFI occasional papers; OFI and Department of Plant Sciences Annual reports; OFI and Department of Plant Sciences Staff contact information; and other key foresty resources available on the Internet.

    Pactok World Wide Web Home Page

    An affiliated network of Pegasus Networks (APC Networks member). Most notably, Pactok is involved in Pacific Sustainable Development Network (UNDP initiatives) and provides a link here to its own Home Page.

    PlanetKeepers' Directory

    Posted as part of the EINet Galaxy, PlanetKeepers' Directory links to projects and people who are networking for the health and well-being of life on planet Earth. PlanetKeepers' Directory currently features the following: 1) This Month's Featured Article; 2) Planet Puzzle (monthly); 3) Editorial (monthly); 4) Upcoming Events and Conferences; 5) Related Organizations; 6) Information Sources; and 7) Related Directories.

    The following are some examples you will find in PlanetKeepers' Directory:

    As of February 1995, under Related Organizations, the Directory has direct links to:

    * EnviroLink;
    * Institute for Global Communications (EcoNet, PeaceNet, ConflictNet, LabourNet);
    * CIESIN;
    * International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (through CIESIN site), etc.

    Under Sustainable Development, the Directory gives direct links to:

    * International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISDNet);
    * Linkages (Earth Negotiations Bulletin - IISD);
    * Sustainable Earth Electronic Library by EnviroLink;
    * United Nations Deveopment Program (UNDP) gopher;
    * UNDP Sustainable Development Network gopher.

    The EINet Galaxy is a directory service for the World Wide Web, intended to make information on EINet and the Internet easy to find and access. The EINet Galaxy is a collection of navigation databases with searchable indexes available on the Internet. The address for the EINet Galaxy is "".

    The Directory is compiled by Wayne Pendley.

    To connect to The PlanetKeepers' Directory: Click "The Environment" under the listed topic category Community -> Click "Environmental Activism" under Topics -> Click The PlanetKeepers' Directory.

    PRAXIS (Resources for Social and Economic Development)

    Prof. Richard J. Estes of the University of Pennsylvania provides on this Home Page, a vast array of archival resources on international and comparative social development. The intellectual commitment of PRAXIS is to the promotion of positive social change through informed action.

    Information resources on this Home Page are organized by the following headings:
    * Organizational Resources for Social and Economic Development
    * International Organizations
    * U.S. Government Organizations & Information Services
    * Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Area Organizations
    * International Social Work/Social Welfare Organizations
    * International Social Work Education
    * Levels of Social Development Practice
    * Development Studies Home Pages and News Services
    * Sectoral Resources for Social and Economic Development
    * Resources on Historically Disadvantaged Population Groups
    * Country Resources
    * Regional Resources
    * Careers in Social and Economic Development
    * International Travel

    The Sea Grant Mid-Atlantic Region World Wide Web & Gopher sites

    Both Gopher and WWW sites are populated with items related to marine ecology, environmental science and biotechnology.

    For any information or comments about the sites, contact Dan Jacobs at Maryland Sea Grant, e-mail: "".

    The Sierra Club World Wide Web Home Page

    This Home Page includes the following information:

    * An overview of the Sierra Club and its history
    * A list of current conservation action alerts
    * A searchable collection of Sierra Club conservation policies
    * Descriptions of 1995 outings in the U.S. and around the world
    * Books published through the Sierra Club book program
    * Contact information for the Sierra Club local chapters
    * The Planet - the Sierra Club's newsletter

    Small Island Information Network Home Page

    This is a project initiated by Institute of Island Studies, University of Prince Edward Island and its goal is to establish an easily accessible electronic information network to link people interested in small islands with each other and with information relevant to small islands. The purpose of the Home Page is to "explore how World Wide Web can be used to enhance the capacities of small islands to cope effectively, creatively and in a sustainable manner with threats to their fragile ecosystesm by facilitating access to and integration of the most reliable information from as wide a range of sources and disciplines as necessary."

    specieslist - World Species List (WSL)

    WSL is indexing as many species lists as they are available from all over the world. The coordinator of WSL is asking the electronic community, scientists, educators, students, curators, taxonomists, publishers, museums, environmentalists, ecologists, bacteriologists, agronomists, biotechnologists, world organizations, database managers, bird watchers conservators of intellectual property rights, and biodiversity, park directors and the general public to assist in the building of a World Species List.

    The Stockholm Environment Institute

    This Home Page provides an overview information about the Stockholm Environment Institute and links to its program activities and publications and separate Home Pages made available by its headquarters in Stockholm, Boston, and York (U.K.).

    Sustainable Development Home Page - Chattanooga, Tennessee U. S. A.

    This Home Page was created by Chattanooga Community Link, a group seeking to facilitate community electronic access for local civic and community functions, a locally based Internet provider, and the Chattanooga arm of the Presidewnts Council on Sustainable Development, Public Linkage, Dialogue and Education Task Force. The objective of the Home Page is to share information on sustainable technology and development, both locally and globally. It posts a brief of local sustainable development progress and other related information. A separate "President's Council on Sustainable Development" Home Page is under construction (as of June 1995) by the Chattanooga Community Link and it can be accessed from this Page. It plans to provide more detailed information on the PCSD, the PCSD documents and policy options, etc.

    Sustainable Earth Electronic Library

    The Sustainable Earth, Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to the creation of environmentally-related information tools and services, provides this Library. This is a unique collection devoted exclusively to materials that educate people on ways to preserve and restore what is left of our natural environment. The majority of the collection in this library will include full-text materials published by private environmental organizations and educational institutions and organization.

    As of June 1995, the Library maintains the following subject headings:
    * Air and Atmosphere Environments
    * Economy, Economics, Business and Industry
    * EcoTravel, Tourism and Enjoying the Outdoors
    * Environment - General
    * Hazardous Waste
    * Health and the Environment
    * Law, Politics and Government
    * Plants and Sustainable Agriculture
    * Society, Culture and Human Ecology
    * Trees, Forests and Forestry
    * Water, Hydrosphere and Aquatic Environment
    * Whole Earth Systems and Conditions
    * Wildlife

    For Collection Development and Selection Criteria for the Library: UNEP World Wide Web Server

    UNEP posts full text of key international agreements and related information available on the Internet at this site. As of March 1995, many of the features of this site are under construction. Some of the topics included in this Home Page are:

    The Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal;
    Convention on Biological Diversity;
    Endangered Species (CITES);
    Toxic Chemicals (IRPTC); and
    Trade and the Environment.

    United Nations Development Programme WWW Server

    UNDP posts here organizational information; publications and videos; press releases; UNDP Sustainable Development Network Programme (SDNP); UNDP Capacity 21; and UNDP Revolving Fund (UNDPRF), etc. The server also provides links to key environment related information on the Internet and other United Nations System gophers and WWW servers.

    USAID Home Page

    USAID, the United States development agency posts descriptions of its programmes and policy documents at this site. The selections include: Stabilizing Population Growth and Promoting Health; Protecting the Environment; Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth; Promoting Democracy; Humanitarian Assistance and Post-Crisis Transition; USAID Gopher; the International Development Page, etc.

    Web World Wide Web Server

    Web Networks provides links to the World Wide Web Home Pages covering a range of progressive social change topics. Internet resources are organized by the following eight subject areas: The Arts; Community; Economy; Education; Environment; Health; Social Justice; and Women. Web Networks mainly supports communications by non-profit and community-based organizations based in Canada with connections to other international organizations.

    The West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation WWW Server

    The Foundation offers access to its collection of material through the Internet. The environmental Legal Information BASE (ELIB) will include the Foundation's collection of statutes, publications and catalogue references as well as interactive collections on protection of private land and environmental assessment. The Foundation also provides a wide variety of links to legal and environmental information available on the Internet.

    The West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation has been operating an environmental law centre in B.C., Canada since 1974. The Foundation is a charitable organization conducting environmenal legal education and research. Its library collects environmental legal materials and is open to the public. The Foundation provides free legal advice to anyone in the province with environmental concerns. The Foundation takes test cases on matters of major environmental legal importance. In addition, the Foundation advocates legislative reforms to protect the environment and to ensure public participation in environmental decision-making.

    The Foundation also manages the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund (EDRF). Its purpose is to improve the rational resolution of environmental disputes in B.C. by providing financial assistance to concerned citizens.

    For further information, connect to their World Wide Web server or contact: West Coast Environmental Law, 1001 - 207 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1H7, Canada; Tel.: (604) 684-7378; Fax: (604) 684-1312; e-mail: .

    [Referred to the Foundation's Home Page].

    Western Canada Wilderness Committee Home Page

    Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC), a non-profit environmental society working for the preservation of Canadian and international wilderness through research and education, posts WCWC's campaigns and public information at this site.

    Women and sustainable development : Canadian perspectives - a resource guide to people, ideas and information

    This guide was compiled by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, in partnership with the Sustainable Development Research Institute based on the survey which was distributed to the participants of Women and Sustainable Development : Canadian Perspectives Conference (1994: Vancouver). The guide includes:

    * more than 400 profiles and contact information for Canadian women working in sustainable development;
    * a survey of historical cornerstone events, from Nairobi to Beijing;
    * summaries and full text of major documents including the report and policy statements from the Women and Sustainable Development : Canadian Perspectives Conference (1994: Vancouver), Chapter 24 of Agenda 21 and the Women's Action Agenda 21;
    * contact information for international women's organizations.

    The guide is also available in a diskette (3 1/2") in both Windows and Macintosh from the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

    For access to a World Wide Web client, the information can be obtained through: "" or contact your administrator. URL:

    The World Bank Information Service - WWW Server

    The World Bank provides through its World Wide Web server: 1) Project Information Documents; 2) Environmental Data Sheets; 3) World Bank publications catalogue; and 4) An overview of the World Bank's public information system. Later in 1994, the Bank will provide a larger number of documents as well as other types of information through the system.

    World Health Organization World Wide Web Server

    World Health Organization posts organizational information, descriptions of its programmes and various Internet services available from WHO on this server.

    For further inquiry about this service, please contact: WHO Web Server Administrator, Division of Information System Management, World Health Organization, Headquarters, CH-1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland, Tel.: +41-22-791-2434, Fax: +41-22-791-0746, e-mail: or .

    Yale University - The United Nations Scholars' Workstation

    This site is a collection of digitized texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and pointers to print and electronic information. Subject coverage includes disarmament, economic and social development, environment, human rights, international relations, international trade, peacekeeping, and population and demography.

    The site is organized into three main sections:
    * Academic Information about "UN Studies at Yale University"
    * Research Tools to Locate UN Information
    * Research Approaches to UN Information