Title fr: AD HOC Solutions
Acronym: Ad HOC
Manager: Mr. Amory
Manager: Mr. Roumieux
Address: Rue de la Longe Haie 17 Bte.3
Postal_Code: 1348
City: Louvain La Neuve
Country: Belgium
Tel: 010-45.28.10
Fax: 010-45.41.99
Telex: Bel 0179
Description: Adhoc Solutions is a company specialized in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) engineering.
They provide a wide range of services : from consulting and integrated solutions development to the associated training, databases and
programs.Since its foundation in 1990, Adhoc Solutions uses its know-how in a wide field of geomatic applications : Geomarketing, Customized GIS solutions, Customized cartographic production, Territory facilities, Environment management...
Object_Type nl: Studieburo's (commerciële)
Object_Type fr: Bureau d'étude (commercial) Metadata_Source: ISRO, Institut Wallon ASBL
Metadata_Contact: Jean-Michel Rottiers