Title fr: Association des Constructeurs Europeens de l'Automobile.
Acronym: ACEA
Description: ACEA is the professional body representing the interests and combined skills of fourteen European car,
truck and bus manufacturers at European level and throughout the world. Its creation was based on a
clear consensus among its members concerning the need for effective representation. This role has expanded with the advent of the Single Market, the growing importance of EU legislation and action for all member countries and the wider European and global presence of ACEA member companies. The mission of ACEA must therefore be viewed in a broad context, in which the complex economic, social, political, technical and legal issues surrounding European integration, regulation, harmonisation and trade all play a part. Together, these issues represent major opportunities, while posing unprecedented challenges to the European automobile industry and to all those dependent on it. Cooperation among the manufacturers and with their national trade federations has helped, and will continue to help them seize these opportunities and face the challenges lying ahead.
Manager: Mr. J. M. Lepeu
Address: Rue du Noyer 211
Postal_Code: 1040
City: Bruxelles
Country: Belgium
Tel: 02-732.24.29
Fax: 02-732.60.01
Telex: 2638
Object_Type nl: Internationale instellingen
Object_Type fr: Organisation Internationale Metadata_Source: ISRO, Institut Wallon ASBL
Metadata_Contact: Jean-Michel Rottiers